7 Ways to Incorporate 1970's Fashion into Your Look ...

I’m going to date myself here as hopelessly old, but I was born in 1972, and got to experience first-hand some of the fashion trends of that time. They were so much fun, with lots of colors, textures, and trends that are making a comeback. But it can be tricky to wear the trends… too much, and you look like you’re wearing a costume. But I can help! If you love harvest gold, rust, and avocado green, keep reading! Here are 7 ways to incorporate 1970s fashion into your look.

1. Sestina at Sunset Top

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Price: $49.99 at modcloth.com
You’ve been planning this casual backyard bonfire for weeks, and once you’ve finished hanging the paper lanterns and chilling the wine, it’s time to choose an outfit. This sweet, romantic 70s-inspired poet blouse is just the thing, paired with boot-cut jeans and flat sandals. Its rolled sleeves, creamy white color, and lace detail at the yoke are sure to be admired, and it’s so comfortable, you’ll be ready to mingle and chat with friends without distraction all evening long.

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