8 70s Inspired Fashion Pieces ...

The 70s silhouette is enjoying an extended stay on the fashion scene. Recent collections from designers such as Marc Jacobs and ChloΓ© have taken inspiration from the 70s silhouette. To incorporate a touch of 70s inspiration into your wardrobe, look for longer hemlines, washed denim, crochet, and tan accessories. The look can go from boho to studio chic. Take inspiration from a few 70s inspired fashion pieces below.

1. Asos Gold Aviator Sunglasses

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Price: $17.03 at asos.com
Aviator sunglasses enjoyed increasing popularity through the 1970s. These sunglasses come in a classic aviator design. They are slightly oversized, have slim metal frames, and come with UV protected lenses. These sunglasses would work well with a range of outfits, from all-out 70s attire to more modern aesthetics.

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