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7 Top Street Style Blogs ...

By Meream

Street style is quite a brilliant subject for a blog. This is better than running a fashion blog for which you alone dress up, pose, and take photos. That can get exhausting. Fast. You run out of inspiration. Fast. But with a street style blog, you don't have to worry about running out of inspiration. Armed with a good camera, a winning smile, and an eye for style that stands out, you can have one of the top street style blogs in the world soon. Gunning for more ideas? Check out the following pages.

1 Garance Doré

Garance DoréBased in Paris and by a witty and stylish French illustrator, this is one of those top street style blogs where you can enjoy more than just photos of fashionable people out on the streets. My favorite part of her blog will have to be the illustrations; so effortless, so graceful, instant classics.

2 Street Peeper

Street PeeperThe brainchild of funny Phil, Street Peeper takes you to a stylish ride all over the world. What I like about this street style blog is that you get detailed information on what the subject of the photograph is wearing. Apart from the photos that Phil takes, this blog also has contributing photographers with a discerning eye for fashion. Currently, the site offers street style in 26 cities. If you think your city should be included, you can always contact Mr. Street Peeper himself.

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3 Style Arena

Style ArenaThis is one of the top street style blogs here that features the incredibly interesting and never-boring style of Japan. You probably already know that this country has some of the most fashion-forward style-lovers. With this blog, you can take take notes from these style-lovers and start gracing your own streets in the most stylish way possible.

4 Stil in Berlin

Stil in BerlinThis blog will spoil you with street fashion and fantastic photography. While the snaps of fashionable people out on the streets of Berlin are always a delight, I think I love the At Home photos more. They're great combinations of style and interior design. Who can say no to that?

5 Style Clicker

Style ClickerManaged and curated by several bloggers, this is one of the top street style blogs that gives you fashion eye candy, news straight from the runway (and behind the stage), and more. They have a knack for finding the most interestingly-dressed people on the streets, whether in Europe or other countries.

6 Face Hunter

Face HunterFace Hunter is considered one of the pioneers in street style blogging. Managed by Yvan Rodic, this blog got you covered when it comes to standard street style, fashion week photos, and more. If you want to know more about Yvan and how Face Hunter has evolved over the years, read THIS.

7 the Sartorialist

the SartorialistPerhaps considered the biggest blogs that focus on street style is The Sartorialist. Ask anyone to name a street style blog they visit on a regular basis and the most likely answer is The Sartorialist. There are many things to love about this blog but I do love me the photos of stylish people and riding bikes. So fun!

So which of these top street style blogs do you visit often? If you have a street style blog, we'd love to link to you. Tell us about it!

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