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Blogs on Handmade Toys are the best websites to check out if your life is seriously lacking in cute. These great blogs on handmade toys are also the websites you visit if you want to buy a one-of-a-kind gift for a special boy or girl in your life. And if you are someone who wants to tackle a couple of crafty projects, these great blogs on handmade toys will provide you with infinite inspirations.

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My Paper Crane Without a doubt, this is one of the great blogs on handmade toys today. Its owner is Heidi Kenney and she is one crafty genius. She makes the most adorable softies I have ever seen, I tell you. From felt burgers to cute cuddly animals to plushie versions of everyday items, Heidi has done it all.


Heidi Kenney's whimsical creations are not only visually delightful but also infused with a certain warmth that only handcrafted items possess. Each piece is a testament to her imaginative prowess and her ability to morph simple materials into objects of affection and nostalgia. Whether it's turning breakfast foods into huggable pillows or transforming fruits into friendly faces, Heidi's work ignites a playful spark in both the young and the young-at-heart. On My Paper Crane, you'll find endless inspiration and possibly a new plush companion to dote on.



Loobylu The lady behind this cute blog is Claire. She is mainly an illustrator but she also makes the most adorable softies. Her blog is a record of the many adventures and crafty projects she has tackled. She is creative, funny, and most definitely an inspiration in the world of toy-making.


Hop Skip Jump Hop Skip Jump is one of the great blogs on handmade toys out there. This blog is managed by Fiona. She is one crafty gal who makes the cutest softies. The fact that she has written a book on making toys is proof that she is so, so good.


Wee Wonderfuls Inspired by Wee Wonderfuls, I started craft blogging several years ago. Today, Wee Wonderfuls is still one of my go-to websites when I need some crafty motivation. Hillary posts about her family and various sewing projects but her best work, methinks, are the dolls. They are beyond cute, I tell you.


Doll Some of the items that Mimi makes are not exactly for kids but who's saying that adults can't have toys? Doll is one of the great blogs on handmade toys today for this reason and more. On this blog, you will get to know the creative process of one crafty gal. You will enjoy stories about joining craft fairs and of course, making the cutest dolls.

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Mmmcrafts This is the blog of Larissa. She is into crafts and she makes the cutest softies. In fact, I think you should check out her Etsy shop if you can't imagine just how good she is. Her two-faced dolls are the best! Apart from sofies, Larissa also shares great sewing tutorials on her blogs.


Le Train Fantome This is one of the great blogs on handmade toys today, for sure. A cursory browse of this blog is enough to convince you that Fanja must be a fairy who lives half of the time in a world of whimsical creatures. Combined with great photography, this blog is one inspiring corner of the web.


One Red Robin This is the blog of Jhoanna. She used to live in Melbourne but she now calls Hong Kong home. She is a fantastic crafter but her best work is on dolls and other softies. Check out her shop and patterns if you want to make one of the toys she has created.

Aren't these great blogs on handmade toys simply delightful? In an alternate universe, where I am not opposed to having kids of my own, I am sure that I have purchased dolls from the owners of these great blogs on handmade toys.

Tell me, which of these great blogs on handmade toys is your favorite?

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