7 Amazing Blogs on Miniature Dollhouses ...


7 Amazing Blogs on Miniature Dollhouses ...
7 Amazing Blogs on Miniature Dollhouses ...

Amazing Blogs on Miniature Dollhouses offer you a glimpse into the world of creative people and the "perfect" tiny worlds they create. I am currently obsessed with making miniatures and have been stalking these amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses. I tell you, the owners of these amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses are simply astounding. Sit back and be inspired.

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Call of the Small If you think that all miniature dollhouses come in "traditional" house designs, think again. There are many mini-enthusiasts out there who create modern dollhouses but Call of the Small is certainly one of the best. The creative genius behind this blog has been featured in very popular publications. This and combined with the fact that Christine creates incredible mini houses make Call of the Small one of the amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses today.


Miniatyrmama One look at Lena's dollhouses and you will want to scream "I want to live there!" At least, that's how I feel every time I take a peek at her creations. Whether you want to enter the world of miniatures or you are interested in shabby chic as home design, Miniatyrmama is most definitely the blog for you.


Miniatyrmama is a blog created by Lena, a passionate blogger with a love for miniature dollhouses and shabby chic home design. Lena's blog is full of amazing photos of her dollhouses, with intricate details and beautiful designs. Her blog is a great resource for anyone interested in miniatures, as it offers tips and ideas on how to create a miniature dollhouse of your own.

Miniatyrmama is also a great source of inspiration for those who are looking to add a touch of shabby chic to their home. Lena's blog is full of ideas on how to create a cozy, inviting home with a shabby chic design. From furniture to accessories, she has all the ideas you need to make your home look beautiful.

In addition to her blog, Lena also offers tutorials and workshops on how to make miniature dollhouses. These tutorials are perfect for anyone looking to get started with miniature dollhouse making. She also offers tips and advice on how to care for and maintain your dollhouse, so it will last for years to come.


Garden of Miniatures As you have probably guessed, this blog primarily features garden-related miniatures. I still consider this one of the amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses today because the owner creates the most realistic flowers, vines, garden patches, and of course, room boxes. Most of the posts are not in English but the photos are enough to make you a huge fan of this blog.


Casey's Minis This is one of the amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses today for many reasons. First, the lady behind this blog has worked with minis professionally. Second, she posts tutorials on how to make many wonderful things for dollhouses. And third, Tessie the witch. She is one of the major character of Casey's Minis. She is lovable but can be quite bossy. Even if you are not interested in miniatures, head on over to Casey's Minis to read about Tessie's adventures.


Pei Li's Miniatures Oh this blog is full of mini inspiration. From the photography to the actual miniature pieces, I am willing to bet that you will fall in love with Pei Li's blog. After you take a look at her creations, you will agree with me about her website being one of the amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses out there. If you covet the mini things she makes as much as I do, I suggest that you visit her shop as well.


Une Petite Folie This is one of the amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses today because Linda's creations are simply divine. This blog is perfect for those who love minis and all things Paris. Apart from the posts on miniature goodness, Linda also takes us to virtual tours of beautiful France.


after Dark The many miniature pieces that this artist creates is beyond stunning. Hers are miniature food that I just want to gobble up. It doesn't hurt that her photography is stunning, too. Make sure that you check out her shop, too, if you want your dollhouse to have the most realistic-looking goodies.

Those are the most amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses out there. One of these days, I will give you a list of more amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses that focus on modern design or food alone. But for now, I hope that these delightful blogs inspired you get into minis.

Which part of these amazing blogs on miniature dollhouses astounded you the most?

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Question for Lundby Enthusiasts please! I have just started working on the house and I have never worked with plastic furnishings/houses before. I am having a heck of a time attaching furniture items to the floors/walls. I have tried Blu-Tack which I used to use in my other dollhouse (wood items) and it worked like a charm. But it has not worked on the items I want stabilized in my Lundby house, predominately kitchen and bathroom items. I don't want to use dbl stick tape or anything that is permanent in case I want to modify the layout. I am sure most of you guys also want to secure any item that has working doors, draws, et al as well so what is your secret? Desperate! thanks a lot - Lyd

Help I need help! I bought a doll house for $5.00 at a swap meet & I don't know how to fix it up because I don't want to take it a part & I cant get my hands into places that need to be repaired ie..the stair case few of the halls I really need some help plus I don't know how to wall paper the walls if I cant sand them 1st please help me

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