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8 Awesome Japan Blogs ...

By Meream

Japan Blogs help you see the beauty of the country. They also show you what it's like living in this part of the world. From the food to the sights to the little details of living in this country, these awesome Japan blogs are your best resources. For those who are planning to give this Asian nation a visit, checking these awesome Japan blogs is a must. Even if you can only afford a virtual holiday for now, these awesome Japan blogs got you covered.

1 Tokyo Times

From the blog: Japan means many things to many people, but Tokyo Times is how I see it. The places. The people. The day-to-day situations. This is one of the awesome Japan blogs today because the photos are gorgeous and you truly get immersed in Japanese culture via their posts.

2 Surviving in Japan

Surviving in JapanPhoto Credit

Well, as the name suggests, this is one of the awesome Japan blogs today because it will show you how to make your stay in Japan less stressful. Even if you don't speak the language, this blog is here to guide you on where to go to buy important items, how to make your accommodations habitable, and everything else in between.

3 Sixmats

The owner of this blog is an American living in Japan. This is an awesome Japan blog to browse if you are interested in local sights. What you will love are the photos that show us how culturally rich Japan is.

4 Short, Small, Sweet

Short, Small, SweetPhoto Credit

From the blog: The adventures of a little dimpled girl living and working in the smallest prefecture of Japan. There are many things to love about this blog. Off the top of my head, I say this is one of the awesome Japan blogs today because the photos are wonderful, there are cute children featured, and the food posts can make your stomach growl.

5 Kirai.Net

For all things geeky and fun, Kirai is one of the awesome Japan blogs to visit. This blog is a wonderful resource of items that any geek will love. From tech features to activities that look simply delightful, is the blog to check out.

6 Haikugirl's Japan

Haikugirl's JapanPhoto Credit

Who is Haikugirl? That would be Alison Muskett. She is from somewhere in the UK but she now considers Japan her home. You will love her blog because it's wonderfully written. Alison also shares items that are indubitably Japanese and sights that will no doubt look interesting in a tourist's eyes.

7 Tochigi Daily Photo

This is the photo blog of Anna and Yoshi. They live in Tochigi and they show us wonderful corners and interesting tidbits about their hometown. I love this blog because the photos are fantastic. Of course, I can never resist cat photos and this blog got lots of 'em.

8 Eating Okinawa

Eating OkinawaPhoto Credit

If it's food you're interested in, this blog is for you. From the blog: Launched in August 2011, Eating Okinawa is a Japanese food and cooking blog with a spotlight on the southern islands of Okinawa. Each post offers English information and my thoughts about the restaurant, as well as a map and other helpful information.

And there you have 8 awesome Japan blogs. I hope that these awesome Japan blogs help you plan your holiday. There are even more awesome Japan blog out there and we will be sure to feature them in our future lists.

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