6 Amazing Furniture Makeovers ...

Do you have an old piece of furniture that has seen better days? If you do, don't think about throwing it to the trash just yet. If its still functional and you hate it simply because of its hideous appearance, you might just be able to give it a new life. A fresh coat of paint or a new covering can give even the ugliest chair or table a wonderful face lift. The following are amazing makeovers that can help you get creative and give old furniture a new life.

1. Trolley by Monica

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Monica of Craftynest bought a cheap trolley from Craiglist but it was plain and a little rickety. After a friend fixed the trolley, she got herself some paint, glue, and wallpaper. When she was done with the trolley, it looked as cheerful as any trolley ready for good service in a great party. The white pattern on the orange wallpaper is beautiful. It matches the white paint Monica used perfectly.Check out the post for a tutorial on her makeover.

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