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8 Ways to Revamp Old Furniture ...

By Alison

When I first moved in to my flat it was unfurnished, but there wasn’t much spare cash left after the costs of moving! So most of my furniture has been reclaimed from the streets. Some items just needed cleaning, others were in need of revamping. If you have some old furniture that could do with revamping, here are some suggestions to make them look as good as new, or change the ‘look’ of the piece.

1 Paint

Paint need not cost very much, and the beauty of it is that you can let your imagination free. Be as bold or as creative as you want. Paint random patterns, favourite quotes or whatever image you want. Just don’t do what I did and layer the paint on too thick!

2 Decorate

I’ve got a plain table that I would like to customise and make more individual. So I;m collecting the free postcards that are given away as advertising, and when I’ve got enough am going to glue them to the table top. If you want to do something similar, using magazine pictures for example, play around with the layout until you’re happy with the result.

3 Change of Use

Some pieces of furniture aren’t really versatile – it’s hard to think of another use for an armchair, for example. Others can be adapted with a bit of imagination. For example, I use a small bookshelf as a phone table and storage unit, while I’ve heard of old wooden doors being converted into tables.

4 Fabric

The dining chairs that I found in the street were basically sound, but the seat was covered in absolutely hideous spotted fabric. So I made simple, removable covers for them out of more fashionable material. You could even cover wooden furniture in scraps of fabric. What’s to stop you?

5 Conceal

If a furniture item is a bit past its best, but still usable, then simply cover it up. My sofa (another street find) looks like it belongs in a dentist’s waiting room, but a large remnant of fur fabric I’d already bought made the perfect cover.

6 Dismantle

This is a great option if you’re into recycling, or particularly talented at making things. Take the shelves from an unwanted bookshelf, say if you don’t have space, and mount them on the wall. Cut up a wardrobe and make storage cubes. The only limit is your imagination.

7 Feed It

Some wooden furniture doesn’t need much to spruce it up. I’ve found some lovely wooden pieces which needed nothing more than a good clean. A natural furniture polish made from olive oil and lemon juice made it look beautiful (this feeds the wood).

8 Stamp

A great way to revamp furniture for children’s rooms is to paint (with non-toxic paint) and then decorate with a stamp. There’s a massive range of stamps available, or you could try using stickers (since children tend to do that anyway).

Don’t be afraid to experiment – what have you got to lose if the furniture is old? You could end up with a lovely original piece.

Top Photo Credit: Aminimanda

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