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8 Rugs to Redecorate a Room ...

By Lyndsie

Rugs are a great way to redecorate any room in your house without spending a whole lot of money. You can go neutral everywhere else because your rug can speak for your design aesthetic. A rug is way less expensive than laying down new flooring, and it can protect preexisting carpets, hardwood floors, as well as vinyl and tile. Here are 8 rugs that can redecorate any kind of room in no time flat!

1 Vinde Low Pile Rug

Vinde Low Pile RugPrice: $279.00 at
This rug is a great choice because it has a lot of neutral colors. Whether your predominant colors are black, white, grey, or warmer, toastier colors, this rug will match. It has a black base, of course, but the swirls of neutral colors are what can make it go with any number of different color combinations and palettes.

2 Lexi round Rug

Lexi round RugPrice: $399.00 at
I love this rug because it's so colorful. However, the colors aren't outrageously bright, so the piece isn't too outlandish. You can use this rug in a black and white room, or a room that incorporates any variation of the shades within it. It's subdued enough to be tasteful, but bright enough to be exciting – you can't go wrong with that!

3 Persisk Low Pile Rug

Persisk Low Pile RugPrice: $229.00 at
This rug comes in two different color variations, but the reason it's here is because some people prefer something more traditional, and Oriental styled rugs are perfect for that. Here, shades of blue, grey, cream, and rust are highlighted, but you can go with a more brightly colored option as well. Either way, it can bring out beautiful accents in the right room.

4 Denali Rug

Denali RugPrice: $299.00-$1,499.00 at
Again, this is a great option for a neutral room, but it's also incredibly modern in its design. The color blocking incorporates so many different shades that this rug will work with a number of different color combinations and aesthetics. Unlike some neutral shaded rugs, however, the design keeps it from being boring.

5 Gislev Low Pile Rug

Gislev Low Pile RugPrice: $19.99 at
You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great, interesting rug, either. This one is highly modern, and although it is simplistic, it's also incredibly elegant. This would make a great anchor piece in a room that already has a lot of bright colors, because you won't be overdoing it with a similarly brightly colored rug.

6 Paolo Marine Shag Rug

Paolo Marine Shag RugPrice: $399.00-$1,199.00 at
Shag rugs have a lot of retro appeal, but you don't necessarily have to have a retro room to have a shag rug. This piece, too, is incredibly simple, yet something about it is entirely unique. Shag is also extremely soft and comfortable, so you tend to feel like you're walking on marshmallows. This is a great piece especially if you still view shag as the awful avocado stuff that used to be popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

7 IKEA Stockholm Triangel Low Pile Rug

IKEA Stockholm Triangel Low Pile RugPrice: $399.00 at
I love the colors in this rug. I think it would look great in a bathroom or bedroom especially. The triangular design makes it really unique and original looking, and the colors are simply gorgeous. This could work with all kinds of different décor styles and it could easily heighten the appeal of any room.

8 IKEA Stockholm Figur Low Pile Rug

IKEA Stockholm Figur Low Pile RugPrice: $399.00 at
Some people crave bright colors, though, and I love this rug for that kind of choice. This is probably more along the lines of a bedroom rug, although it could look great in a living room or family room as well, depending on the overall design aesthetic. What can I say, I'm just a sucker for pink.

Rugs are incredibly versatile, and they let you accomplish a lot with a comparably little amount of money. They can go in any room of the house and they are both functional and stylish. Even if you aren't fans of these rugs, what kinds do you like and how do you use them?

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