7 Marvelous Monogram Décor Items ...

There are a lot of new home décor trends I just don’t get, but there’s one I absolutely adore — using monogram items to flaunt your initials and make a space truly your own. It’s hard to find unique monogram goodies, though, so when I do find them, I’m delighted. If you agree, and also love the trend, keep reading! Here are 7 marvelous monogram décor items.

1. Wire Initial Hook

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Price: $7.95 at anthropologie.com
This wall hook is the epitome of style at the right price, for what other décor item can you find that’s only $8 and looks this amazing? It’s made of iron wires wrapped around and around by hand to give each piece (and each letter of the alphabet) its own unique appeal. Each one measures 8 inches tall… wouldn’t these be great in a mudroom, so everyone has a hook for their coat and bag?

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