7 Marvelous Monogram Dcor Items ...


7 Marvelous Monogram Dcor Items ...
7 Marvelous Monogram Dcor Items ...

There are a lot of new home décor trends I just don’t get, but there’s one I absolutely adore — using monogram items to flaunt your initials and make a space truly your own. It’s hard to find unique monogram goodies, though, so when I do find them, I’m delighted. If you agree, and also love the trend, keep reading! Here are 7 marvelous monogram décor items.

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Wire Initial Hook

Wire Initial Hook Price: $7.95 at anthropologie.com
This wall hook is the epitome of style at the right price, for what other décor item can you find that’s only $8 and looks this amazing? It’s made of iron wires wrapped around and around by hand to give each piece (and each letter of the alphabet) its own unique appeal. Each one measures 8 inches tall… wouldn’t these be great in a mudroom, so everyone has a hook for their coat and bag?


Alphabet Hooks

Alphabet Hooks Price: $12.00 at anthropologie.com
These vintage-inspired brass and ceramic hooks are ideal for giving everyone their own space, or for spelling out an instruction (mine would say “TIDY”). You’ll need to provide your own shiny hardware, to match the metal, as well as your own literary, or at least monogrammed, inspiration.


Zinc Letters

Zinc Letters Price: $18.00 at anthropologie.com
Such a chic deco design, ideal for adding a little retro glamour to any room of your home. Bear in mind, since these 8-inch letters are made of zinc, they may leave dark marks on your hands or walls when hanging them, so take care… and be sure to wash up when you’re done!


Pinwale Alphabet

Pinwale Alphabet Price: $14.00 at anthropologie.com
These vividly-colored 7–inch corduroy lower-case letters add a pop of color to any décor, as well as a generous dose of style. Use them to spell out a name, or to give a gentle hint — I have a set of these that says “read” above my bookcase. Clever, no?


Oversized Zinc Letters

Oversized Zinc Letters Price: $98.00 at anthropologie.com
These are the same deco-inspired zinc letters from above, only much, much larger, standing at just over two feet tall. Lean them against your front porch as an outdoor monogram, or near the hearth in yor great room… either way, they make quite a statement, don’t they?


Alphacritter Mousepad

Alphacritter Mousepad Price: $12.00 at anthropologie.com
Add a touch of whimsy to your workspace with these sweet little critters, one for every letter of the alphabet. Each is a dual-purpose note pad and mouse (or giraffe) pad, designed by Alexa Pulitzer, measuring 7¼ by 9 inches. The pad has 50 sheets of paper, ideal for jotting quick notes, impressive doodles, and even romantic missives while at your desk.


Cursive Knobs

Cursive Knobs Price: $12.00 at anthropologie.com
For the hopelessly organizationally-inclined, these pretty drawer knobs in iron and glass are truly a god-send, allowing you to initial your dresser space in the dorm or even spell out the contents of each tidy drawer. Each knob measures an inch and a half around, and features a pretty script letter.


Letter Hooks

Letter Hooks Price: $16.00 at anthropologie.com
These beautiful off-white matte letter hooks feature a delicate, classic serif font and stand a proud 8½ inches tall. Spell the word “BATH” and use them as towel or robe hooks in a bathroom, or affix them to the wall of your dressing room in another inspirational or informative word (like “DREAM” or “DANCE”). Lovely!

With so many ways to mark your territory, you’ll be tempted to use more than one of these décor delights, but resist! You don’t want to over-do it, my dear! Use them sparingly for the best effect. Which of these monogram décor items do you like best, and how would you use it? Please share!

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Gorgeous ones, especially the cursive letter knob and the letter hook ones, don't like the zinc ones nearly as much.

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