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7 Best Pottery Barn Rugs ...

By Amber

If you want to transform the look of your home in a minute, just add a new area rug to your space. Pottery Barn rugs are amazing to add to your room revamp! By changing the rug, you can give a traditional home a modern edge or add a pop of color to a neutral décor. When choosing a rug for your space, buy something that is made well so it will last under the wear and tear of daily traffic on your floors. If you want to makeover your space, check out these 7 best Pottery Barn rugs to get started.

1 Malika-Persian Style Rug

Malika-Persian Style Rug Price: $149.00 - $1,149.00 at
The cool blues and tans in this wool rug will soften your space and add a touch of comfort. Pair this rug with dark browns and wood tones to warm it up or keep it soft by pairing it with shabby chic white and ivory tones.

2 Adeline Rug

Adeline Rug Price: $169.00 - $849.00 at
The Adeline Rug has a floral theme that is less traditional than the typical Persian style rugs. This particular rug would work with a lot of color schemes, but be cautious about pairing it with patterned upholstery or your space could appear busy.

3 Bouquet Floral Rug

Bouquet Floral Rug Price: $299.00 - $749.00 at
If you want to add some modern elegance to your home, this rug is the perfect choice. The rich colors will warm up your home and give your ordinary room a more lavish style.

4 Shelburne Museum Geometric Rug

Shelburne Museum Geometric Rug Price: $39.00 - $249.00 at
This Pottery Barn rug is part of a museum line with designs based on early American art. This geometric pattern will work with a modern décor or a more traditional space. The varied color scheme will add a touch of fun to your home and it will be a great conversation piece too.

5 Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug Price: $79.00 - $149.00 at
You will feel like you live in a luxurious resort when you add this sheepskin rug to your space. It is the ultimate in comfort! Sheepskin works to add texture into any design scheme, but this particular rug would look gorgeous in a shabby chic space.

6 Round Jute Rug

Round Jute Rug Price: $149.00 - $249.00 at
Bring the outdoors inside with this pretty rug. The natural jute plays well against hardwood floors and it adds great texture to your space. The round design is a good choice for a small space.

7 Garden Stripe Rug

Garden Stripe Rug Price: $149.00 - $299.00 at
This classic rug is durable enough to use indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for highly traveled areas in your home. You will love the punch of color to spice up your current décor and give your home a fresh, new look.

No matter what kind of decorating scheme you use, a rug is an important element of your design. It will add texture, color, and dimension to your room so choose the perfect rug for your space. Any of these 7 best Pottery Barn area rugs would be a good choice so measure your rooms and then look online to find the best size for your space. How have you used an area rug to transform a space?

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