8 Bright New Accessories ...


8 Bright New Accessories ...
8 Bright New Accessories ...

My friends and family tease me for having too much black in my wardrobe, and while I can’t argue, I can try to change my left-over goth ways. But rather than set aside my widow’s weeds, I’ve started my fashion make-over by adding bright accessories. Adding a new accessory can make over an entire outfit, even one based heavily in black, so until I get the courage (and the funds) to add a rainbow of colors to my wardrobe, I’ll keep adding bright new accessories, like these!

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My Cherry Cherie Ring

My Cherry Cherie Ring Price: $12.99 at modcloth.com
What a pretty cocktail ring! It features a pair of sweet red cherries on a stem with two green leaves, all atop a thin gold-tone lead-free metal band. Pair with a vintage polka-dot dress and patent Mary Janes for an incredibly cute springtime ensemble.


Grovestand on the Go Tote

Grovestand on the Go Tote Price: $6.99 at modcloth.com
This bright accessory will turn grey skies sunny in more than one way — the color is certainly bright, but it’s also eco-friendly, replacing two or three plastic bags. When you’re done using it, you can tuck in back into its attached lemon-slice pouch, and use the plastic clip at one end to clip it to your handbag or backpack, or just keep it in your glove-box.


Highlight-Her Necklace

Highlight-Her Necklace Price: $23.99 at modcloth.com
If there’s a brighter accessory out there, I haven’t found it… and I doubt it exists! For this necklace is so brilliant a yellow, there can’t be a match. It measures 17 inches long with a 4½ inch drop, and would look stunning with a grey dress, patterned tights, and leek black pumps.


Petite Pachyderm Hair Clip

Petite Pachyderm Hair Clip Price: $7.99 at modcloth.com
This adorable little elephant has two missions: to look cute, and to lend some of that cute-ness to your coif! He’s made of plastic and measures nearly two inches long. Use him to hold your wispy bangs to one side, or to pin your straight-ironed tresses off your pretty face.


In Good Time Watch

In Good Time Watch Price: $23.99 at modcloth.com
There are so many reasons to love this brilliant blue watch! First, there’s the afore-mentioned brilliance of the color. I also adore the shape of its face, and the squishy-comfy rubber band. Pair with skinny jeans, a graphic-print tee, and funky ankle boots.


A Crinkle in Time Scarf

A Crinkle in Time Scarf Price: $15.99 at modcloth.com
I love scarves! They’re great for adding a pop of color to even the most noir-inspired outfit, and this scarf in particular is a wardrobe wonder to behold. Its soft cotton-silk blend makes it comfortable, and the color looks marvelous with a long black skirt, dark-wash skinny jeans, or a floral-print maxi dress.


Cue the Montage Shoulder Bag

Cue the Montage Shoulder Bag Price: $68.99 at modcloth.com
Is there anything in your closet that you could wear with this bag? Floral-print dress — yes. Skinny jeans and cropped blazer — yes. Tiered skirt and patterned tights — yes! See? You can carry this sweet bag with nearly everything you own, an perhaps that’s what designer Irregular Choice had planned.

With so many cute, bright new accessories, I’m inspired to add a little — gasp! — white to my wardrobe, and then maybe even some colors! I adore the little handbag, and that elephant barrette is so cute! Which of these bright new accessories do you like best, and what (besides black) would you wear with them?

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