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7 Adorable Jewelry Pieces from ...

By Sheila

I'm sure you've all heard the adage, accessories make an outfit. With the right accessories, even a dull outfit can magically transform quite like the old Cinderella tale (pretty glass shoes, remember?). Anyway, I'm here to tell you about this amazing new website, which has a wide variety of pretty and affordable jewelry, brooches and hair accessories. Here are my picks for some adorable jewelry pieces from that had me screaming "I want!"

1 The Rolling Stone Inspired Red Lip Cocktail Ring

The Rolling Stone Inspired Red Lip Cocktail RingPrice:$4.99 at
Whether or not you are a Rolling Stones fan, it's easy to fall in love with this fun, quirky ring! And if the design isn't eye-catching enough for you, there's even a little rhinestone adornment on the ring.

2 Vintage Swallow&Mooring Lighter Double Finger Ring

Vintage Swallow&Mooring Lighter Double Finger RingPrice: $2.99 at
I have only recently fallen in love with the idea of double finger rings and this ring is perfect to satiate that along with my love for all things vintage. Also, the nautical trend is huge right now and nothing says nautical like an anchor and some swallows. Ahoy!

3 Retro Style Black Synthetic Gemstone Multilayer Bib Necklace

Retro Style Black Synthetic Gemstone Multilayer Bib NecklacePrice: $2.99 at
Ladies, repeat after me, everyone needs a bib necklace. You might think it's a bit much but believe me, it is the perfect accessory for days when you just want to wear something simple but stand out nonetheless. This retro inspired bib necklace is beautiful, versatile and sure to stun!

Anonymous is super cute!...

4 Fashion Adjustable Big Mouth Sexy Lip Cocktail Ring

Fashion Adjustable Big Mouth Sexy Lip Cocktail RingPrice: $2.39 at
Okay this pouty ring is just too cute for words. I may personally be a bit too old for it but any teenager is sure to adore this. Luscious and hot pink...I love it!

5 Unique Name Bracelet

Unique Name BraceletPrice: $5.99 at
There's just something special about personalized gifts and this name bracelet would be such a precious gift for your bff! Remember that you get to pick the material and color from an array of choices and that can only mean one thing...matching bracelets! Gosh, I miss the days when my best friend and I had matching jewelry.

6 Fashion Champagne Flower Bib Necklace

Fashion Champagne Flower Bib NecklacePrice: $3.99 at
Yes, it's yet another bib necklace but I am one of those people who believes that floral prints are mankind's answer to all problems. Besides, how can you resist these dainty pretty flowers that are sure to light up your outfit and your day!

7 Vintage Turquoise Cocktail Ring

Vintage Turquoise Cocktail RingPrice: $4.99 at
If the word bohemian describes your style, you need to add this ring to your collection right away. I love the rustic quality of the ring against the striking turquoise stone. So pretty!

I don't know about you but jewelry makes me a happy girl. Please do visit for more choices. Their prices as you can see are to die for! And my favorite part, they offer free worldwide shipping on orders of $15 or more. Whee!

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