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8 Great Orange Accessories ...

By Jennifer

Orange is the color of autumn, some may say, with pumpkins and maple leaves and such. But I disagree! I say orange can be for spring or summer too, for sunshine and fun! Wear a little orange to bring out the colors in a bold-print floral dress, or to add spice to a black-and-white monochrome outfit. How? Here are my picks, eight gorgeous orange accessories!

Table of contents:

  1. burnt orange bohemia
  2. vintage mini tulip clip
  3. magic eye dust in “cleopatra”
  4. pointelle plié tights in svetlana
  5. kate spade small hoop earrings
  6. ice pop earrings
  7. lapilli bracelet
  8. anya hindmarch “byron” patent leather clutch

1 Burnt Orange Bohemia

Price: $44.99 at
This bag combines so many hot trends all in one place! I love the funky pattern, done all in studs, and the color is so incredible! The bag’s slouchy, roomy design is relaxed and would look fantastic paired with messy waves and your darkest, skinniest jeans or a flowy boho skirt.

2 Vintage Mini Tulip Clip

Price: $10.00 at
Use this pretty barrette to clip your bangs back or keep stray tresses in your ponytail or updo! It’s made by Sprout Studio of three pretty vintage resin beads and a metal hair clip. I love the combination of orange and yellow, perfect for calling attention to your shiny hair and pretty face!

3 Magic Eye Dust in “Cleopatra”

Price: $12.00 at
Does eye dust count as an accessory? I think so, especially if it’s this gorgeous Lime Crime eye dust! The color is amazing, rich, and deep, a brazen copper-orange hue. For best results, use a foundation or base before applying, and remember, a little of this stuff goes a very long way!

4 Pointelle Plié Tights in Svetlana

Price: $19.99 at
Looking for an easy way to update a slightly dull outfit with an unexpected flash of color? Try these stunning patterned tights! They have a decidedly vintage feel and the color is gorgeous! I’d wear these with grey or cream and a pair of Mary Janes or T-straps…

5 Kate Spade Small Hoop Earrings

Price: $38.00 at
These teeny hoops are sleek, stylish, and all subtle shine and glamour. Wear these to add a pop of color to any chic outfit, as long as the trim and hardware is gold (you wouldn’t want to clash!)… they’re small, measuring only ¼” wide with a ¼” drop…

6 Ice Pop Earrings

Price: $28.00 at
These earrings are the color of sweet, cool orange sherbet, perfect for adding a delicate hint of color to an otherwise bland outfit. I’d pair these with a pretty floral skirt, or something in a contrasting minty green color…

7 Lapilli Bracelet

Price: $78.00 at
Muy caliente! Wear this hot little bracelet with a Spanish-inspired embroidered blouse and your tightest skinny jeans and messy, sexy curls. It’s a comfy 7” long with oodles of fiery orange beads. It’s made of silver-tone metal and resin beads… I love it!

8 Anya Hindmarch “Byron” Patent Leather Clutch

Price: $650.00 at
So sleek, so shiny, so lush and wonderful! What’s not to love about this spicy orange patent leather clutch? I’d carry this little clutch minus the gold chain with my LBD, or with the gold shoulder chain with a crisp white suit… how (or how wouldn’t?) you wear this?

I absolutely adore the orange handbags, and the bracelet from item 7… I think I’ll wear the Kate Spade earring with my LBD and carry the orange Anya Hindmarch clutch… I can’t wait! Which of these snappy orange accessories do you like best, and what would you pair them with? Please share!

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