10 Products That'll Add Some Wonderland to Your Life ...


10 Products That'll Add Some Wonderland to Your Life ...
10 Products That'll Add Some Wonderland to Your Life ...

If you haven’t already gone gaga for Alice in Wonderland I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Consider this your official invitation to bring some Wonderland into your life. This Alice revival is spurring great fashion and interior décor. Here are some of my favorites...

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A Leg up Socks in Snow

A Leg up Socks in Snow Price: $17.99 modcloth.com
Snowy white over-the-knee socks are a simple and easy way to add a little Alice to your look. They’re ideal for those little blue dresses and T-strap shoes, don’t you think?


Personalized Alice Story

Personalized Alice Story Price: $34.00 fredflare.com
Don’t just wonder what it’s like to be in Wonderland, put yourself there with this cool personalized Alice In Wonderland book from Fred Flare. You can change the title, the characters and make it tailored more to you.


Preservation Society Dress

Preservation Society Dress Price: $79.99 modcloth.com
It’s not so much Alice’s dress but the style that I love so much. It’s feminine and soft. The Preservation Society Dress from Mod Cloth is just that. It’s not exactly the blue dress Alice runs around in, it’s purple and has flowers on it, but you can still pull it off.


Take a Bow Gloves

Take a Bow Gloves Price: $49.99 modcloth.com
So lady-like and elegant, white gloves are a subtle way to add some Alice to your wardrobe whether you’re going to a big fancy tea party, or just out for a drive.


Brighter Skies Umbrella

Brighter Skies Umbrella Price: $44.99 modcloth.com
I don’t recall it raining in Wonderland, but it does rain here, quite a lot with it being spring and all. It has a dainty hook and comes in a pastel blue.


Alice in Wonderland Book

Alice in Wonderland Book Price: $16.99 urbanoutfitters.com
You could always read the original works of Lewis Carroll. Stripped of all the Disney touches, this unabridged version features illustrations that might take your imagine in a different direction that you’re used to.


Kimchi Concord Chiffon Lady Dress

Kimchi Concord Chiffon Lady Dress Price: $58.00 urbanoutfitters.com
if you’re really adamant about getting a blue dress like Alice’s may I suggest that you try this one. It’s dainty and delicate without making you look like a kid and it comes from those hipsters over at Urban Outfitters.


Alice Tea Party Pillowcases

Alice Tea Party Pillowcases Price: $28.00 urbanoutfitters.com
I can’t think of a better way to drift off to Wonderland than on Alice in Wonderland graphic pillows. You’ll be sure to have sweet dreams with the Cheshire cat grinning in your face.


Kimchi Linen T-Straps

Kimchi Linen T-Straps Price: $28.00 urbanoutfitters.com
Available in black or brown, these linen T-strap flats are essential to complete any Alice look. They’re made for knee socks and a cute dress.


Wall Mount Rabbit Bottle Opener

Wall Mount Rabbit Bottle Opener Price: $22.00 shopplasticland.com
Maybe your kitchen needs a bit of Wonderland. This rabbit opener from plasticland will help you with all of those pesky hard to open soda and beer bottles.

These are just a few ways you can add a little Alice in Wonderland to your everyday life... and of course, you can also see the movie! Have you spied any fabulous Alice products? Please share!

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I heart Wonderland -- and this list! I already have the two books you mentioned, but I'm definitely going to look into the other items on the list. Thanks!

I love, love, love this post! It's chic, trendy, and a fabulous resource for anyone wanting to buy girly things. Thanks for taking the time to look all these items up and sharing them with us.

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