10 Accessories for Your Night Table ...

Your bedroom is supposed to be your peaceful oasis, the one place in your entire world that’s designed to be relaxing and tranquil. There are certain things you just shouldn’t bring into your bedroom, like an argument or messy food, because they’ll take away from the serene setting. But there are also a lot of things you should bring into your sleeping space that will make it ideal for resting, relaxing, and dreaming. Here’s my list of the ten accessories you need to have for your night or bedside table.

1. Eton 50 Sound IPod Dock

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Price: $100 at shop.npr.org
If you love your iPod as much as I love mine, then you’ll want to listen to it all the time, even in your bedroom. Dock it with style! Choose black or white… both come with a $10 iTunes gift card, too! It comes with little trays to fit all different iPods, and it also comes with a handy remote, so you can operate it from your bed. The sound quality is amazing, and this will look great on your bedside table!

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