8 Accessories for a Stylish Desk ...

Is your desk a disaster zone? Is it piled high with a plethora of papers and a cornucopia of coffee cups? Whether you work at home or in an office, a tidy desk helps concentrate the mind, so it’s time to get it organised. With that aim in mind (and no, I’m not confessing what my desk is like), I’ve picked out some practical and stylish accessories to keep your desk both neat and chic.

1. Burgundy Leather Gold Striped 8Pc Desk Set

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Price: $515 at theelegantoffice.com
If you’re a very very serious person in a very very serious type of job, then this rather expensive desk set will look suitably professional and impressive. Personally I can’t imagine blowing $500 on a desk set, but then I’m not a lawyer or politician.

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