5 Weekend Decorating Ideas...


5 Weekend Decorating Ideas...
5 Weekend Decorating Ideas...

If you have been wanting to have a Koi pond for so long, check out these tips for making a pretty cool one. Make sure that you have the right place for it before buying them beautiful fishies.

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If the next year or so of your life will be spent in a dorm, you had better decorate a beautiful room. Here are some great tips to help you.


Why not get every book in the Twilight series and give your shelves a bit of life. And in case you don't know what the books are, check out this link.



How about some lacy LED lamps? All right, "lacy" and "LED" in one sentence may just confuse you but I can honestly say that this is one awesome project.



Well, not wino in a negative sense. I mean "wine-lover." If you happen to have empty crates, check out these tips on how to decorate with them. VERY COOL.

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