8 Fun Ways to Arrange Your Books ...


8 Fun Ways to Arrange Your Books ...
8 Fun Ways to Arrange Your Books ...

Here’s something to do on a rainy afternoon – take all the books off the shelves, give them a good dust, then put the books back. But don’t just put them back in the same order! Have a bit of fun instead, by rearranging them in one of the following fun and silly ways …

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Colour Coordinated

Colour Coordinated Photo Credit: chotda

Put them in blocks of colour, either in rainbow stripes or however you like. They could be clashing or complementary. Visually it will be quite impressive – make the books decorative as well as something to be read!


Reverse Alphabetical

Reverse Alphabetical Photo Credit: shutterbop

Some people like to arrange their books in alphabetical order, as they would be in a library. So why not do the same – except in reverse? Start with Z and work your way backwards.



Graduated Photo Credit: jimmy.kl

This might take a bit of arranging and rearranging. Start with the largest book on the left, working your way down so that they gradually decrease in size, then go up again until the largest one is left on the right. Or have them going straight up or down.



Chessboard Photo Credit: Glamgirl

Do you stack your books, or place them with the spine upright? Try a bit of both! Alternate the books, so that some are placed horizontally and others vertically, thus giving a kind of checkered effect.


Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere Photo Credit: 0olong

Don’t just stick to bookshelves – be adventurous and arrange in random piles. One very effective way that I’ve seen of stacking books is along the edge of a wide staircase. It looked like a wonderful old bookstore.



Neighbours Photo Credit: Tasha {Redwall Photo}

Arrange books in amusing combinations. For example, place Tony Blair’s memoir (should you waste your money on it) next to Animal Farm, or trashy chick-lit next to heavy intellectual tomes. Utterly pointless, but fun.



Bluesday Photo Credit: jelens

Pick a colour, and only display books in shades of that colour. Or devote each shelf to one colour.



Wobbles Photo Credit: distantheartbeats

The sensible thing is to stack smaller books on top of larger volumes. Who says you have to be sensible? Put smaller books at the bottom instead and see how many you can stack and still keep them balanced.

Okay, these are utterly silly ideas but a bit of fun, I hope! How do you arrange your books – are they neatly stacked on built-in shelves, or piled haphazardly all over the place?

Top Photo Credit: mintlips

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I like those ideas. I often do this in boring afternoons.

I liked ur comment"should you waste money on that" lol good article...how about makin a coffe table out of your books...simply keep 4 stacks of books and place a glass on it...:) hope i conveyed my idea :)

I love this post! I just now rearranged my books to be color coordinated. My dad heard my throwing my books around into piles, so he came to see what was wrong. He just kinda looked at my weird and left. Haha. But anyways, these were really good ideas.

I love the idea about color coordinated!!

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