10 Pretty Details to Add to Your Home ...


10 Pretty Details to Add to Your Home ...
10 Pretty Details to Add to Your Home ...

I don't know about you but I notice drawer pulls and switchplates of houses. Unfortunately, my current apartment has your boring set of beige switchplates and knobs. 'Tis why I dream of having a house where every little detail is something I consider lovely or utterly whimsical. Someday, I'd have a house where I can include some of the following:

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Alexandra Knob

Alexandra Knob Price: $8 at anthropologie

Methinks this would be perfect for a drawer of correspondence. I know snail mail is no longer big these days but perhaps this knob can make you rediscover the romance or writing letters?


Color Swatch Knob

Color Swatch Knob Price: $12 at anthropologie

I shall reserve this for a set of drawers that will hold art materials. It's also great for a cabinet of valuable fabrics.


Swedish Escape Knob

Swedish Escape Knob Price: $10 at anthropologie

So pretty! If you have an all-white house, having a set of these knobs will do wonders for your overall design.


Chronograph Knob

Chronograph Knob Price: $8 at anthropologie

This is one of the highest rated knobs on the site. It is perfect in size and you cannot deny that it is very pretty. It's lovely without being too girly; the man in your house will love this, too.


Manuscript Hook

Manuscript Hook Price: $38 at anthropologie
I can never say no to things designed or decorated with antique manuscript. There is just something about them that says old-world romance.


Owl Hook

Owl Hook Price: $20 at anthropologie

I already have too many tops and rings with owls so why not extend the obsession to the home, right? I think this little dude would be perfect for a library.


Rooftop Switchplate

Rooftop Switchplate Price: $24 for single at anthropologie

Say goodbye to boring white or beige switchplates. Get this set and your home will soon have more personality. Perhaps even more than you! I kid, I kid.


Polychromatic Numbers

Price: $12 at anthropologie

This stone number is all you need to add that bit of oomph to your door. When people ask where you live, you answer with "That house with the lovely door number. Oh yeah, 8."


Tin Roof Switchplates

Tin Roof Switchplates Price: $18-$24 at anthropologie

These are incredibly gorgeous, too. If you don't want switchplates that will clash with the overall feel of your house, this is the set for you. This is made of whitewashed iron. These don't come with screws but you can easily find them in the corner hardware store.


Kryptos Hook Rack

Kryptos Hook Rack Price: $24 at anthropologie

Skeleton key hook? I want ten please. Wait, make that twelve.

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I love those switchplates!!

9 + 10 are my favs :)

#7 is my favourite

I actually like the Owl Hook. It looks classy and playful at the same time

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