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Part of my favorite things about the holidays is the decorations. Sometimes, you can barely move around in my house during Christmas time. I try and decorate in themes but that doesn’t always come out the way I plan! Here are some really creative ideas for the holidays.

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Make Your Tree Shine

Of course, your tree is the center of attention when it comes to Christmas decorations. How can you make it creative? You can choose two ways. One, decorate it with special ornaments. Use your ornaments from childhood. You baby’s first Christmas ornament or your first ornament after you were married are always memory keepers. Or, you may want to decorate in themes. Try all red and white ornaments, or angels, or Santa’s.


Decorate Your Entrance

Welcome your visitors with swags of evergreen, Christmas lights, and seasonal flowers. While decorations are expected this time of year, your foyer may be overlooked in favor of the family room. My foyer is always decorated with lights, snowmen, and trees!


Decorate in Unexpected Places

Do not forget to spruce up corners and crannies. Place a little tree on the bedside table. String some lights in the bathroom, around the mirror. Replace your table center piece with a funny snowman or Santa. Place a Nativity set on the coffee table. Be creative and think of something unexpected!


Hang Ornaments…

Not on your tree, but in your window! Bright, colored balls are pretty hanging from fish line or pretty ribbon. Another idea is to hang ornaments from the ceiling, the banister, and the fireplace mantle. Anywhere unexpected will work extra Christmas magic!


Coordinate Your Decorations

Sure, this is a creative idea because many people randomly buy or collect Christmas items. They may not think to buy all red decorations, or all purple items and ornaments. It is fun to decorate an entire room in nothing but red, green, and gold! Or maybe you like all blue and purple. Whatever your favorite happens to be, go crazy with those colors!


Peppermint Revenge

Red and white stripes are so pretty at Christmas. This year, buy a white tree, decorate it with red ornaments, and use red lights on the tree. Wrap all your gifts in red and white paper. Then use only red and white bows and ribbons. Peppermint never looked so pretty.


Go Feminine

It may be the only time of the year you can get away with girl-y decorations! Throw up some lace and tulle filled with white lights. Decorate your tree in hot pink and black ornaments. Then wrap your gifts in lace. Use white, hot pink, and black colored lace. Trim your mantle and staircase in festive lace and gold or silver stockings. Now, you are all set for a girl power Christmas!

I just love Christmas time and I like to go all out in my celebrations. Sometimes I do different things and sometimes I want everything the same as the year before. What do you do to be creative?

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