12 Top Tips on Decorating Christmas Trees ...


12 Top Tips on Decorating Christmas Trees ...
12 Top Tips on Decorating Christmas Trees ...

Most of us are familiar with how to decorate a Christmas tree. For some reason every time you decorate your Christmas tree it always looks better further away then closer up or perhaps it resembles the ever so popular Charlie Brown Christmas tree. If you want to avoid a leaning over crowded mess of a tree follow my list of the 12 Top Tips on Decorating Christmas Trees. You will be surprised at some of the information you may have not been familiar with before.

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Choose What Type of Tree

There are many advantages to having a fake Christmas tree like cleanup and being able to recycle it for the next year. However some people can’t get over the appeal of a real Christmas tree and simply throwing it out when they’re done. When decorating your Christmas tree the first thing you need to do is decide which type of Christmas tree you want!


Secure Your Tree

If you’ve chosen a real Christmas tree make sure that you have the stand intact and the tree nice and sturdy in its place before decorating. Make sure to keep the real tree out of direct sunlight. If you’ve chosen a fake Christmas tree simply start construction from the base up. With either tree make sure to avoid heater vents and ducts when picking the perfect spot.


A Theme?

Want a themed Christmas tree? Perhaps you would like to use all silvers on the tree or a teddy bear themed Christmas tree with a teddy bear for the topper and an assortment of bear ornaments? Decide now before you start your decorating. If you would rather stick with the traditional method of decorating your Christmas tree then continue on with your process.


The Skirt

Drape the bottom of your Christmas tree before you start filling it with ornaments with a tree skirt. A tree skirt will hide the base of the stand making it much more decorative and pleasing to the eye. If you’re using a real tree you will be thankful for the skirt by the end of Christmas with your new found pile of pine needles on your floor.


Lights First

The beautiful lights that shine throughout our past memories of Christmas are definitely the best part. Start from the top working your way down. If you’d like the tree to illuminate from the inside out start from the inside of the tree wrapping your lights around the trunk and work your way out the branches attaching the chords to sturdy branches. Hide the sockets inside the branches so they’re unable to be seen by the casual eye.


The Topper

Before you decorate the tree with all your favorite or themed ornaments place the topper on. It’s best to make sure someone’s spotting you as you stand on a chair to complete this task. Standard Christmas trees are 6 feet tall. Make sure the topper is secure on the tip of the tree and make sure it’s not too heavy. If the topper is too heavy it will give your tree an unwanted leaning effect.



Garland looks best draped from branch to branch. If you’re going to use a thicker flamboyant garland it’s best to simply wrap it around the tree without draping it between the branches. This will give you a Charlie Brown Christmas tree if you use too much. Use the Garland evenly throughout the height of the tree making sure it’s not too crowded for any ornaments to be placed.



Start with your largest ornaments and space them out evenly. If you stick to a theme while using your ornaments you’ll achieve more of a uniform designer look. A traditional would be your favorite ornaments you’ve collected. Hang your ornaments on the ends of the branches securely and try to fill the holes between the layers of the tree.


Avoid Clutter

It’s easy to get carried away with the amount of ornaments collected over past Christmas’. Avoid putting too many ornaments or garland on the tree. After all you don’t want a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.



If you’re tree isn’t already too cluttered from the garland, lights, and ornaments try using some tinsel. Tinsel is attractive on a Christmas tree if not over used. Hang a few single pieces at a few random ends of the tree to give it the icicle effect.


Add Your Personal Touch

One part of Christmas that’s always important is the memories of our past Christmas’. Whether you have kids or don’t try to buy a new ornament every year. When decorating your tree maybe use a photo ornament, hand made ornament, or unique ornament that will always make you remember that specific year. This makes for great stories at the Christmas tree as well.


Make a Party of It

Decorating your Christmas tree should be fun! Whether you have your kids or have friends you can invite over to help make a party of it. Cook a dinner and prepare some egg nog for your kiddies or your guests. Talk about past Christmas’, find out what your kids want for Christmas while talking, or find out possibly what your friend’s want. Have fun and make the decorating as memorable as the big day itself.

So it’s time to go decorate your tree. Hopefully you’ve learned something new out of this list of 12 Top Tips on Decorating Christmas Trees. Remember secure your tree, lights first, and no heavy ornaments. You will surely have a great looking Christmas tree if you follow these tips. Hopefully the days of Charlie Brown Christmas trees are over. Have any other Christmas tree decorating tips or ideas?

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I like this blog. Thank you for sharing this information. Gothic Clothing

Well for me all Christmas decorations and activities fun. This time of year passes to quickly unfortunately, but I try to take the most of it :) Decorating my tree is one of the most fun things me and my BF do. We dedicat the afternoon with christmas songs, sof lights and all the decorations around as. This year we bought new red balls and silver stars. That was our new theme. As for last year me and mum made some hand decorations with glitters and were really looking lovely, but we like to change the look each year. I'll save this for next year too :)

Bookmarking this and checking next year when I finally find an apartment big enough for a Christmas tree.:)

Great post! My mom appreciates this one (: We always have trouble in these departments :p

Lovely post with some great tips, Unfortunately for me Im moving the week before Christmas so everything is going to have to be done in a hurry and although i really love the idea of taking my time and arranging the tree, everything will just have to be thrown on there. hopefully it will look just as good,

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