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8 Great Home Designs ...

By Talynn

Create a home office tailored just for you! It’s your home, and it’s your office. Why cookie cut your space like everyone else? Make it fit your needs and your likes! Below, I have listed some tips on making your space, well, YOURS!

1 Look beyond the Desk

Look beyond the DeskPhoto Credit: Creature Comforts

You probably need more then a desk. Think about shelves, storage, and drawers. Maybe you need lots of space? Think of using a larger table instead of a small desk.

2 Declutter

DeclutterPhoto Credit: shutterblog

Have a space for every thing, and know where you keep it when not in use. Label drawers and shelves. If you are using a filing cabinet, label all your folders. Use permanent markers for lasting work.

3 Pens and Pencils

Pens and PencilsPhoto Credit: migi328

Break down and buy good quality pens. The cheap ones just aren’t worth the frustrations! Buy a pen organizer, and ditch the coffee cup you have been using. Your desk will look more professional and help you feel more important.

4 Choose Paint You Love

Choose Paint You LovePhoto Credit: TypeFiend

Paint your area a color you love. Is your favorite color pink? Then have a pink office! Are you fond of lime green? Use splashes of lime in prominent places. You will smile every time you get a glimpse of that green!

5 Get a Special Chair

Get a Special ChairPhoto Credit: sfgirlbybay

It’s nice to have a chair that is only yours! A reading chair is a nice addition to your space. You read, study, or simply drink your morning coffee while you look over the news paper. Or if there is room, how about a small couch?

6 Decorate with Pictures That Inspire You

Decorate with Pictures That Inspire YouPhoto Credit: Creature Comforts

No matter why you have a home office, you need inspiration to encourage your work. If the pictures hanging around on the walls bother you, or cause you to daydream, remove them. Your work space should compliment your work needs, unless you are a writer and you need the daydreaming!

7 Keep Your Space Clean

Keep Your Space CleanPhoto Credit: purplelime

Who want to work in clutter? Even your essential items, such as routers or chargers, can be hidden in a cabinet or drawer. When you are organized, you mind is free to concentrate on work, not on the clutter surrounding you.

Do you have a home office you are remodeling? What did you do to update?

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