10 Beautiful Bookcases to Add to Your Home ...


10 Beautiful Bookcases to Add to Your Home ...
10 Beautiful Bookcases to Add to Your Home ...

The boyfriend and I are planning on moving to a new place. We like our studio now (it's far from the center of the city and we get only a few encounters with polluted corners) but it has become too tiny for our things. There are no built-in shelves at the new place so that's a bit of a problem. At the back of my head, I keep hearing Tyler Durden say "The things you own end up owning you" but I choose to ignore him. Seriously, why would I let go of my books (among other things)? Why would I stop hoarding books? The only solution is to buy more bookcases! Here are some that could work:

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Hemnes Bookcase

Hemnes Bookcase Price: $130 at ikea

I have two bookcases that look similar to this and they are very useful. While some people want huge bookcases, I actually prefer these narrow types. Reasons: they are perfect for vignettes. I'm a sucker for whimsically displayed teapots, trinkets, etc, etc.


Sloane Espresso 18" Bookcase

Sloane Espresso 18" Bookcase **Price: **$99.95 at crate&barrel

This one is in ladder style and in a color that matches my desk. I'll take 2 please! I definitely like this ladder-inspired bookcase. Not only is it narrow enough to fit in a tiny place, it's also great for books of different sizes. The overall look may be minimalist and sleek but it can still make a work corner or study look even more beautiful.


Vallivik Bookcase

Vallivik Bookcase Price:$89.99 at ikea

Another perfect choice because aherm... it's dark enough to match my desk. This is made of solid wood and is quite easy to assemble. It's height is only 1.89 meters, making it perfect for tiny people. Yours truly is one perfect example.


Sloane Espresso Learning Bookcase + Desks

Sloane Espresso Learning Bookcase + Desks Price: $399 at crate&barrel

If the Sloane above bred with a desk, this particular bookcase would be the result. I had to include this beautiful design here even though it can never work for me and the boyfriend. Our laptop-monitor setup will never fit on those two desks. Plus he needs space for drawing. Still, if you need a goodlooking shelf/study, this should be one of your top choices.



Besta Price: $160 at ikea

This one is for those books that you don't want to display. Y'know, those textbooks that look ugly but you can never bear to part with. The best part about this storage unit, of course, is the fact that it can also be a bum-depository. Er...bench.


Walnut Folding Bookcase

Walnut Folding Bookcase Price: $59.95 at crate&barrel

This one unfolds to reveal several layers of shelves to hold your dear books. Methinks this one would be perfect for us considering that we move every two years or so. It's cheap, too!


Billy Bookcase Combination

Billy Bookcase Combination Price: $474.97 at ikea

Something for the corner! And with glass, too! I am excited about the latter because dusting is such a boring chore. This particular bookcase may be a bit expensive but it's a real investment piece.


Faulkner Library Cabinet

Faulkner Library Cabinet **Price: **$799 at crate&barrel

Let's file this one under "Furniture Meream Cannot Afford." Despite the price, though, I daydream about owning this beauty one day. It will make for a perfect cabinet of curiousities. And yes, I own too many curious things to justify an expensive cabinet.



Price: $199 at ikea

Books for the shelves and important files for the drawer. Perfect setup. I reckon that this will also make for a good craft supplies organizer; fabrics for the shelves and bottles of ribbons and buttons for the drawer.



**Price: **349 at crate&barrel

This is a cheap alternative to the Faulkner cabinet above. The color is just as great and it will most definitely look beautiful in your library or study.

Writing this, I realized that looking for things to furnish your home with is just as fun as shoe-shopping. Who knew, right? If you were moving to a new pad soon, which of these would you buy right away?

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