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Pier 1 9-clip Window Wall Frame Review...

By Jennifer

I’ve got boxes and boxes of photos, from pictures of my kids when they were small, to pictures of my boyfriend and I at Michigan football games. Over one entire weekend, I sorted them and put them in albums… but what to do with the photos I wanted to display? Just put them in frames and put them on the bookcase? I wanted something different, and I found the perfect solution at Pier 1.

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I love this frame! It mounts on the wall, and matches just about any décor (including mine). The frame is a weathered black wood with nine tiny clothes-pin clips. The clips are moveable on the thin wires, so you can display photos of any size in any way you’d like. I chose black and white photos, but you could just as easily choose color. The frame is sturdy and large, measuring about a foot and a half on each side. It’s unique — I haven’t seen anything else like it anywhere — and I am always getting compliments on it! So if you’re looking for an interesting, unique way to display photos, take a few of you snaps to Pier 1 and see what you think! You might end up taking one, or maybe even two, of these home!

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