7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Chic for Less ...


7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Chic for Less ...
7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Chic for Less ...

We spend a lot of time in our homes, and so it’s natural to want them to look chic! It can be hard getting rooms to look right without spending a fortune, though, so what can you do if you want to update a room without breaking the bank? Here are my tips on making your bedroom look cuter, for less.

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Inject Personality

Inject Personality Photo Credit: Fallon Akers

Look around thift stores or online for small items which will inject some personality into the room. You’d be surprised how much difference just a few items can make! I decorated our white spare room with some nautical pillows and wall decorations, which were all quite cheap, but it made it look like a different room. It’s also super easy to change the look around!


Pick Some Lighting

Pick Some Lighting Photo Credit: Nathan & Jenny

Sconses are a great way to add class to a room, and come in so many different styles these days! Find a style and price that suits you, and use the sconses to ‘frame’ the bed. Not only is this functional, but it’s also completely classy, and will give the room a professionally-designed look.


Grab Some Candles

Grab Some Candles Photo Credit: eco_monster

Candles are instant class, and they are an easy way to give the room a relaxed vibe. You can get plain candles, in a colour that suits the room, candles in jars, or shaped candles...there will be a type that perfectly suits the room, whether you use them as ornaments or light them occasionally.


Go for Mirrors

Go for Mirrors Photo Credit: siskokid

Wall art is always seen as a good way to brighten up a room, but it can be expensive, especially if you want unique or interesting pictures. Mirrors, on the other hand, are often overlooked, but can make a room seem bigger as well as more interesting! Go for framed mirrors, as these look more dramatic, and pick the size and location carefully. You could even add a few mirrors, if the room is big enough!


Add Some Colour

Add Some Colour Photo Credit: recyclingartistemily

A bright coloured rug is perfect for adding colour to a room, and for making it seem more homely. Go for a colour that is included elsewhere in your theme, so it looks planned, and think about any shape carefully. I love this gorgeous heart shaped red rug, but for some rooms, a more grown up style might be more appropriate!


Get Some Curtains

Get Some Curtains Photo Credit: annaleahart

Curtains can make a huge difference to your room. White curtains against brown paint can look amazing, or there are some stunning prints...pick up a few different swatches of fabric, and find one that makes the colours in your room really pop, and that you love. Then just remember to keep them clean, and change them up occasionally! You could even go to a fabric shop and make your own...


Use a Throw

Use a Throw Photo Credit: Miles Tinsley

Bed throws are a really simple way to co-ordinate your room! Pick a colour that goes well with your theme, and with other important items such as your curtains and rug. Then think about what patterns will suit...this vintage-y floral print would be perfect in a white room, and I have a gorgeous black silk throw on my bed at the moment. Shop around, and you’ll find stunning prints and fabrics at really low prices!

Once you’ve dressed up your room, don’t forget to keep your eye out for things you could swap and change. I own quite a few throws now, and at least three pairs of curtains...it means I can effortlessly update the look when I start to get bored of it, and it’s a great way to keep it fresh! Have you found a way to make a room look chic for less? I’d love to hear it!

Top Photo Credit: cottonblue

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Thanks. A nice way to light up your room. One can use scented candles instead of simple ones for the freshening effect along with the obvious ones.

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