7 Perfect Couch Covers ...

By Talynn

Why do we cover our couches with covers? Maybe to hide the stains? Maybe you want protection from the kids and pets? Or maybe you are looking to redecorate on a budget. Whatever your reasons, I have put a few ideas together for your inspirational new looks. Let me know what you think!

1 Red Passion

Red Passion Photo Credit: maureen lunn

Don’t for go the thought of passionate red in your living room. This is an easy way to add a little, or a lot of color to your room without painting the walls. You may find you really like red!

2 Fun Polka Dots

Fun Polka Dots Photo Credit: Sakurako Kitsa

I love unexpected decorations. If you have a family room, or a room the kids hang out in after school, surprise them with bright bold colors. They will want to be home instead of at the neighbors!

3 Pure White

Pure White Photo Credit: kimhas7cats

White may not really be a safe choice if you have children or indoor pets. But it can surely bring a light, airy look to a room that may otherwise be decorated with darker colors. If you enjoy darker shades, bring some brightness into your room with a white slipcover.

4 Earthy Green

Earthy Green Photo Credit: sillylittlepanda

I included this choice because this color is perfect for fall. Also, just in case you think a couch cover won’t make much of difference, notice the change in the atmosphere and feel this cover brings to the couch. Wow! What a change from a simple task!

5 Red and Black Stripe

Red and Black Stripe Photo Credit: Deanna Designs

A bold cover like this works best in a room that needs a lift. If the décor is busy, bold, or loud, keep your couch neutral. But in a room that is calm and quiet, be brave and buy a slipcover that makes a statement. Go ahead! It will look great!

6 Half of a Couch Cover

Half of a Couch Cover Photo Credit: amyla174

Does your couch look really great, except for one spot where the cat scratched it? Or maybe there is one stain on the arm of your sofa, but the rest is in perfect condition. Whatever the reason, you may want to choose a “half” cover! Try covering the spot, stain, or hole with a dolly, quilt piece, or random piece of materiel.

7 Halloween Cover up

Halloween Cover up Photo Credit: gothicbeagle

Really, I don’t like creepy stuff, even at Halloween. I like to decorate with pumpkins or jack ’o lanterns, scarecrows, and things like that. But I thought a couch cover to match the holidays was such a cute idea! What do you think?

You may not be able to buy a new couch, but a couch cover is a low- budget-decorating alternative. Do you have a couch cover you love?

Top Photo Credit: Marmoladka

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