8 Cute Ikea Items That Add That Finishing Touch to Your House ...


8 Cute Ikea Items That Add That Finishing Touch to Your House ...
8 Cute Ikea Items That Add That Finishing Touch to Your House ...

The day that I found Ikea may have been one of the happiest of my life. It has affordable yet stylish items that jazz up a home no matter what. They use so much color and variety, and you wouldn't be able to tell how cheap it all is. Ikea is great and I can assure you'll find something that you love. Here are my 8 favorite Ikea items that will add a wonderful finishing touch to your house.

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Wall-mounted Headboard

Wall-mounted Headboard Price: $199.00 at ikea.com

I love this! It looks so nice with the blue and white stripes. When I saw the above picture, I wanted to change my entire bedroom. It's so lush and I'm sure the headboard will go with many other colors. It's just a wonderful headboard overall and could bring joy to any bedroom.



Photograph Price: $10.00 at ikea.com

To be honest, I don't think a room is complete without photography. Ikea has so many photographs for the wall and there's one for every kind of interest and individual. Photography lights up a room, and makes a place become a home.


Collage Frame

Collage Frame **Price: **$12.99 at ikea.com

In my opinion, no house is complete without memories in it, and when I own a house, I refuse to use paint, instead I will color the walls with love. Frames are the perfect finishing touch for any living room, bedroom, dining room... and Ikea has a wide range of different frames perfect for your every need.


Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp **Price: **$19.99 at ikea.com

The thing I like most about this lamp is that it's so casual yet cute. It'll pop gently next to a bed, or in the corner of a room, and bring so much light. Also, they come in different colors, in order to match and add a unique touch to a room. This lamp is perfect for reading, watching television or even calm midnight chats.



Vase Price: $7.99 at ikea.com

Vases can add such a wonderful touch to a room, and using flowers to co-ordinate with this red vase will make the room pop. Also, they give a calm, quite girly atmosphere that's great when entering a home.


Watering Can

Watering Can Price: $9.99 at ikea.com

Watering cans are such a vintage way to spice up a garden. Even if they're not put to use, they look lovely and really make a garden look like a cute country place. Putting a watering can amongst bushes of brightly colored flowers sounds like the perfect garden.


Plant Pot Buckets

Price: $9.99 at ikea.com

Plants are fun to grow and look great in a home! And what every plant needs is an adorable pot like this one. It's black and that means it will go with everything especially with the green of your plant and imagine how much more inviting it will make your house look.


Candle Holders

Candle Holders Price: $1.99 at ikea.com

You can't go wrong with candles. They're romantic and have a wonderful calming effect especially at the end of a long, hard day. This candle holder is colorful, cute and only $1.99! Placing them around anywhere in your house will just add a little sparkle of difference. Also, the bright colors will make the room seem happier!

And there you have my favorite 8 little things from Ikea to add that finishing touch to your house. What are your favorite Ikea items to up the jazz factor of your home?

Top Photo Credit:Auntie K

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