7 of the Prettiest Area Rugs ...

My house has hard wood floors through out, so I love area rugs. Not only do they add color and design to every room in my house, they provide warm, snuggly feelings on cool mornings. I’ll be honest with you, area rugs can get expensive, so it is important you buy what you truly love. But it will be an investment you can move from room to room, and if you ever move, it goes in the moving truck with you. Here are my ideas of the perfect area rug.

1. Colorful Rag Rugs

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Are you looking for a rug you can make? Rag rugs can be made from old clothing or left over pieces of material. A really sentimental idea would be to take clothes your baby or toddlers have outgrown and make a rug for them (or you!). Or maybe you clothing from you’re your grandpa and grandma. Use whatever is available to you. Most public libraries have books about making rag rugs, so you will not be out any money.

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