7 Cute Key Rings ...


7 Cute Key Rings ...
7 Cute Key Rings ...

We all need a place to keep our keys, but does it have to be a boring, or worse, tacky, lanyard? No way! There are tongs of adorable key chains out there, so use one of those instead? Not sure where to look? I can help! Here's my list of 7 cute key rings!

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Yummy Breakfast Key Chain

Yummy Breakfast Key Chain Price: $5.99 at modcloth.com
While most of us are having a breakfast of fiber chunks and coffee, you'll be starting your day with a sweet little cinnamon roll, muffin, or stack of pancakes. Or do you want a cold slice of pizza instead? All of these tasty little treats come in their own boxes, with a key ring attached at the top.


Bright on Time Key Chain

Bright on Time Key Chain Price: $11.99 at modcloth.com
This looks like a mini-iPod attached to a key ring, but it's not, it's a clock, so you'll never lose your keys, or lose track of time, again! It's such a wonderful shade of shocking yellow, it reminds me of a highlighter pen!


Never Locked Owl-t Key Chain

Never Locked Owl-t Key Chain Price: $12.99 at modcloth.com
I have this THING for owls, so I REALLY want this key chain! It features a wise little owl, cleverly reminding you where your keys are, for how could you ever forget him? If you like this little guy, then check out the matching coin purse, too!


MIDI Key Chain

MIDI Key Chain Price: $8.50 at shanalogic.com
If you're something of a techie, then this is the key chain for you! It's a MIDI plug with a ring for your keys attached to it, you know, the keys to your Delorean, or the locker in your IT Club room!


Ukiyo5 Skull Key Chain

Ukiyo5 Skull Key Chain Price: $6.00 at shanalogic.com
Add a little punk sass to your day with this pink PVC skull-shaped key chain by Ukiyo5. I love the little heart-shaped cutouts for the eyes, just a little extra cuteness! If you like this key chain, take a peek at the matching earrings!


Fuzzy Moustache Key Chain

Fuzzy Moustache Key Chain Price: $8.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Disguise your keys with this handsome little moustache, or just clip it to your belt or bag for a little incognito fun! It's made of fuzzy polyester and has a ball-and-chain ring attached to it. I love it!


80's Style Boombox Coin Purse with Key Chain

80's Style Boombox Coin Purse with Key Chain Price: $14.40 at shopplasticland.com
Keep your keys and your small change handy in this retro-styled vinyl boombox coin purse! It reminds me of my own high school years (I actually HAD a red boombox just like this) and is roomy enough to store your ID and maybe even a lip gloss, too!

With so many cute key rings, like these, there's no reason to use that hideous blue and yellow lanyard your bank gave you! Which of these key chains do you like best? Or do you somehow prefer that lanyard? Please let me know!

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