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5 Things Pink and Pretty...

By Meream

1 for Your Nails

I just realized that I have never worn pink nail polish. How strange is that? I guess I can start with this pink shade from the OPI Katy Perry Collection.

2 for Your Hair

For this month, you might want to consider getting this fun pink hair extensions. For a donation of $10, you can give your hair that funky look. And do good at the same time.

3 for Your Kitchen Counter

I look at this pink coffee maker and realize that the black one in my kitchen is just too boring. Oh, if only we have a great selection, color-wise, in our city.


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4 for Your Yoga Time

What color is yoga mat? Mine is blue but seeing this pink mat here makes me regret not going the coral route.

5 for Your Reading Time

Doesn't Rachel McAdams look gorgeous on the cover of InStyle? I love her pink dress and lips! The necklace is also a stunner.

Seeing that is is Breast Cancer Awareness month, you have probably encountered many pretty pink things today. If you found these things online, we'd love to take a peek, too. Leave us a comment!

Top Photo Credit: Beatriz AG

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