5 Things Pink and Pretty...


5 Things Pink and Pretty...
5 Things Pink and Pretty...

for Your Nails

I just realized that I have never worn pink nail polish. How strange is that? I guess I can start with this pink shade from the OPI Katy Perry Collection.

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For this month, you might want to consider getting this fun pink hair extensions. For a donation of $10, you can give your hair that funky look. And do good at the same time.


I look at this pink coffee maker and realize that the black one in my kitchen is just too boring. Oh, if only we have a great selection, color-wise, in our city.


What color is yoga mat? Mine is blue but seeing this pink mat here makes me regret not going the coral route.


for Your Reading Time

Doesn't Rachel McAdams look gorgeous on the cover of InStyle? I love her pink dress and lips! The necklace is also a stunner.

Seeing that is is Breast Cancer Awareness month, you have probably encountered many pretty pink things today. If you found these things online, we'd love to take a peek, too. Leave us a comment!

Top Photo Credit: Beatriz AG

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