5 Beautiful Bling to Bring Home ...


5 Beautiful Bling to Bring Home ...
5 Beautiful Bling to Bring Home ...

Fierce in the form of a fang necklace. We suggest a silver version, much like the one Valerie Boster is wearing here. Because, you know, a fang necklace in natural colors is much too masculine.

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This set of embellished bracelets look cute and can be your everyday go-to accessories. I suggest you make your own, though, so that you can include the beads that you like.


a Touch of Old Traditions

While I love making dreamcatchers, I've never been one to wear them as jewelry. Perhaps because I've never made TINY dreamcatchers... Anyway, get yourself a necklace for that old world feel.


Go colorful and silver-set with fab pieces that remind you of Morocco and other parts of Africa. Check out the link for pieces that Karen finds beautiful.


a Touch of the Sea

Why limit yourself to nautical-inspired dressed when you can channel the theme through your jewelry as well? Start with these simple but cute anchor earrings.

I don't know about you but I can never have enough bling. In fact, I'm in the middle of crafting another necklace stand for my growing collection.

Are you guilty of bling-hoarding as well?

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I have an anchor earing.

I just bought a couple of dreamcatchers on my last vacation. They are lovely!:)

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