7 Gorgeous Candlesticks ...


7 Gorgeous Candlesticks ...
7 Gorgeous Candlesticks ...

One of my current favorite décor pieces is candlesticks, and I cannot stop myself from buying them, or at least coveting the ones I find that I adore. Naturally, all of my favorite online shops have gorgeous ones right now, and I can’t help but imagine how they’d look grouped on my mantel or along the top of my bookcase, or on my vanity… here are 7 gorgeous candlesticks…

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Chroma Candlestick

Chroma Candlestick Price: $28.00 at anthropologie.com
Handcrafted by South African artist Mick Haigh, then glazed in a rainbow of vivid colors, these candlesticks would look amazing scattered across a mantel or coffee table. Each stands nearly ten inches tall, and is made of stoneware. I adore the rich blue and deep red, but all of the colors are gorgeous!


Country Cottage Candlestick

Country Cottage Candlestick Price: $16.00 to $24.00 at anthropologie.com
Available in three sizes and made of mellow olive wood, these candlesticks are made on a woodworking lathe, by hand, so no two are identical, though they’re all beautiful. They range in height from 5½ to 8 inches, and would look so pretty with almost any color tapers, but especially cream or dark red.


Society Taper Holder

Society Taper Holder Price: $18.00 to $24.00 at anthropologie.com
These curvy crystal candleholders come in three sizes, measuring from 4½ to 7 inches tall. They’re so elegant and glamorous, and would be ideal to cast a gentle glow during a romantic dinner! Mix and match and use all three sizes together, or line up three of the same height to create visual interest.


Analiese Taper Holder, Turquoise

Analiese Taper Holder, Turquoise Price: $24.00 at anthropologie.com
How beautiful! This vintage-inspired candlestick features a solid metal base and stick with a round, opaque glass center in brilliant turquoise. It’s ideal for adding a pop of vivid color on a side table or mantel, and stands 5½ inches tall.


Analiese Taper Holder, Orange

Analiese Taper Holder, Orange Price: $24.00 at anthropologie.com
Made of gleaming painted ceramic and heavy, rich-looking brass, this candlestick would look beautiful with a creamy taper, textured or smooth. It’s short, but pretty, measuring 3 inches tall.


Analiese Taper Holder, Gold Leaves

Analiese Taper Holder, Gold Leaves Price: $24.00 at anthropologie.com
This gorgeous candlestick was clearly inspired by the ones our great-grandmother’s used, elegant yet sturdy, made of antiqued iron and brass with a globe of gold-colored glass in the middle, etched with leaves. Add a creamy taper to complete it, and stand it alone or with the other Analiese candlesticks for a lovely centerpiece.


Analiese Taper Holder, Citrine

Analiese Taper Holder, Citrine Price: $24.00 at anthropologie.com
How gorgeous! Imagine how lovely this would look on a mantel near a window, where sunlight shines through, casting prism of citrine light on the wall! The bottom half is transparent glass the color of sunshine, and the top is brass and iron. Add a taper and watch as the sunlight dances around you!

These are just a handful of the gorgeous candlesticks I’m coveting right now… I especially love the Analiese collection… which of these candle holders do you like best, and where would you use them? Please share!

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