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7 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Dcor Items ...

By Jennifer

I love fall, and all of the holidays that come along with it, from Columbus Day to Halloween to, of course, Thanksgiving! It’s the ideal time to celebrate the season with friends and family and to (as the name implies) give thanks for all of the wonderful people in your life.

1 Pottery Barn Birch Pillar Candle

Pottery Barn Birch Pillar CandleThese candles must have been designed for the season. They remind me so much of real birch trees, slender and delicate, with leaves that turn deep yellow like shimmering gold coins. If you love birch trees too, these would be such a gorgeous addition to your Thanksgiving, and fall, décor!

2 Pottery Barn Mini Indian Corn Vase Filler

Pottery Barn Mini Indian Corn Vase FillerIndian corn, with its deep jewel-tone colors and grainy texture, have long been a symbol of Thanksgiving, but it can be a hassle to buy it every year, but with these faux mini-cobs, you won’t have to. They’re very realistic, and will keep for years to come.

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3 Pottery Barn Feathered Turkeys

Pottery Barn Feathered TurkeysAh-ha! Finally, a handsome make-believe turkey that will give even the most glorious Tom a run for his money! These little guys are colorful, with real feather plumes and a jaunty design. Gather a small flock along a mantle for a unique seasonal display.

4 Pottery Barn Acorn Vase Filler

Pottery Barn Acorn Vase FillerI’ve always loved acorns; they remind me of fall, and of Thanksgiving, even more than cranberries and pumpkins. They’re hard to find in perfect condition though, so rather than compete with the squirrels for scrounging rights under the oaks in your backyard, you may want to try this pretty vase filler instead.

5 Pottery Barn Harvest Leaf Salad Plate & Dipping Bowls

Pottery Barn Harvest Leaf Salad Plate & Dipping BowlsShare a little bread and oil, or crackers and cheese dip, with this pretty set, one pretty fall leaf tray and one matching leafy dipper. The colors are deep and majestic, suitable for display right next to the cranberries.

6 Pottery Barn Turkey Serving Platter

Pottery Barn Turkey Serving PlatterWhat better way to present the guest of honor, Mr. Tom Turkey, than on this gorgeous vintage-inspired platter? It’s big enough to hold a sizeable bird, and the design is very handsome.

7 Pottery Barn Pomegranate Swag

Pottery Barn Pomegranate SwagI never knew the “official” word for pomegranates as a child — I called them Indian Apples, and I loved them! I still do love them, especially this time of year, and this lush swag is a great way to add them to your Thanksgiving décor.

I’ve already ordered my pomegranate swag, and I’m debating the feathered turkeys… which of these pretty Thanksgiving décor items do you like best, and how would you display it? Or have you spied something else you have to have? Please let me know!

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