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5 Things Pink and Pretty ...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. blythe with pink highlights
  2. pink lips to chase away the monday blues
  3. honeysuckle for your nails
  4. a pop of pink in a sea of neutrals
  5. pink from the runway to real fabulousity

1 Blythe with Pink Highlights

I like adults who give in to girly whims every now and then. That is why Violet is one of the style bloggers I really like. Take a look at what she did with a Blythe doll!

2 Pink Lips to Chase Away the Monday Blues

Marian is also another style blogger I admire. She combines pieces that I wouldn't dare touch to produce chic looks. She's a fashion goddess while I am just a lowly spectator.

3 Honeysuckle for Your Nails

Interestingly, I only started wearing pink nail polish this year. I was always the black/dark colors type. I'll be looking out for this Revlon goodness in our malls.

4 a Pop of Pink in a Sea of Neutrals

I have been known to wear head to toe neutrals. They are just so easy to work with! But I like Whitney's look here. I will surely go for that pop of color next time.

5 Pink from the Runway to Real Fabulousity

The beautiful Diane Kruger attended a gala dinner in Paris wearing a gorgeous Chanel Haute Couture. This wasn't just any Chanel, though. This was straight from the Spring '11 runway. Lucky girl.

Isn't pink just lovely? Hit us up in the comments section if you have seen other pink finds lately.

Top Photo Credit: violetlebeaux

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