8 Cute and Colorful Necklaces ...


8 Cute and Colorful Necklaces ...
8 Cute and Colorful Necklaces ...

Okay, you're no longer 9 and you don't want to be caught dead wearing accessories that may be considered too cutesy. Diamonds, pearls, simple bands, and other elegant pieces are often the order of the day but there are times when a cute and colorful necklace can complete a look. Go ahead and collect jewelry that speak well of the sophisticated woman that you are. However, do not be afraid to fall for whimsy once in a while by investing in one (or two) of the following pieces:

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Party Animal

Party Animal Price: $38 at anthropologie

What could possibly be cuter than a circus animal pendant. You get a giraffe, elephant, tiger, and a zebra. Of course, my favorite is this adorable elephant with his teal balloon. For laughs, wear this fun necklace for a night out at the town with your girls.


New Life

Price: $238 at anthropologie

A tad too pricey for my usual taste but I must say that this is a statement necklace that fits our cute and colorful bill here. There is something about a tassel detail that makes me think of high school (cheerleaders?) and so this necklace made me go "aww!" I was not a cheerleader, mind you; I just had a pretty fun high school experience.


Tour De Jewels

**Price: **$28 at anthropologie

Even if you're only wearing a plain white shirt, this necklace will make you look undeniably adorable in seconds. If I see a lady wearing this, I will immediately think that she's fun and always up for a good laugh. Then I will befriend her and hope that she will let me borrow the necklace one day.



Price: $298 at anthropologie

There are many necklaces out today with pendants that are supposed to be human-inspired. You know, little girl or robot pendants. Often, though, they are of the same color as the chain. This Bewitching piece, however, is too colorful to ignore. This is handmade and came all the way from France.



**Price: **$278 at anthropologie

I always associate butterflies with Maria Carey. And when I think of Mariah, I think of pink. And pink, in my book, is always cute and pretty. Aside from the butterfly, this Petalouda necklace caught my attention because of the pearls. For those who make it a point to wear only pearls, this necklace deserves a place in your jewelry box.


Visible Friend

Price: $298 at anthropologie

Aack, too cute! I must say that this little pink doll is more fashionable than I could ever hope to be. Look at her sunnies and pink skirt! Methinks she might be the only one I know who can pull off tassel shoes. She is handcrafted and made with love.


Sartorial Swag Necklace

Sartorial Swag Necklace Price: $198 at anthropologie

Another handmade piece that totally screams CUTE. This one is perfect for the fashionista, too, since the pendant is a bronze dolman with pearl, turquoise, and coral details. If you are a big fan of unique pieces, this one is an obvious choice.


Cyclades Cinqeufoil

Cyclades Cinqeufoil Price: $38 at anthropologie

This pretty flower necklace comes in gray but I prefer this green version. A flower pendant will always be cute in my book. I will not approve of the plastic flower pendant kind, though.

So tell us, any of these caught your fancy?

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My favorite ones are the Cyclades Cinqeufoil and Petalouda.

Tour de jewels and visible friend...rocked.

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