8 Cute and Colorful Necklaces ...

Okay, you're no longer 9 and you don't want to be caught dead wearing accessories that may be considered too cutesy. Diamonds, pearls, simple bands, and other elegant pieces are often the order of the day but there are times when a cute and colorful necklace can complete a look. Go ahead and collect jewelry that speak well of the sophisticated woman that you are. However, do not be afraid to fall for whimsy once in a while by investing in one (or two) of the following pieces:

1. Party Animal

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Price: $38 at anthropologie

What could possibly be cuter than a circus animal pendant. You get a giraffe, elephant, tiger, and a zebra. Of course, my favorite is this adorable elephant with his teal balloon. For laughs, wear this fun necklace for a night out at the town with your girls.

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