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7 Hip Printed Curtains ...

By Sophia

If you want to update the look of your home, why not try using printed curtains? They are an easy and versatile way of reviving the appearance of a room. I love printed curtains because they are an easy way of making a statement. Below are some of my favourites.

1 Asian Poppy Curtain

Asian Poppy CurtainPrice: $32.00 - $38.00 at
I love the Asian-inspired design of these cotton curtains. The bold orange-red poppy design is certainly eye catching. These curtains are stitched with a tunnel top and come complete with a matching side tie. These would look great against white or similarly neutral walls.

2 Tree Garden Curtain

Tree Garden CurtainPrice: $32.00 - $38.00 at
These sheer printed curtains are perfect for brightening up a room. The intricate tree and garden pattern is simply fantastic. It features a tunnel loop at the top and comes with a sash tie. These would work well against both light and dark coloured walls.

3 Antoinette Damask Curtain

Antoinette Damask CurtainPrice: $38.00 at
This damask printed curtain is perfect for those wanting a more subtle take on the printed curtain trend. I love the soft, neutral colours of these particular curtains. It’s made from a woven, semi-sheer soft cotton panel and features a stitched tunnel top. This version is sold as a single panel, so you’ll need to buy a few in order to fit out a whole room.

4 Stamped Rose Batik Curtain

Stamped Rose Batik CurtainPrice: $38.00 at
This black and white design is certainly a statement maker. The floral design is bold and enticing. It’s made from woven cotton and features a batik-dyed floral pattern. I think this would work best in a predominantly white room with Victorian-era style decorations.

5 Woodside Block Print Curtain

Woodside Block Print CurtainPrice: $32.00 to $38.00 at
I love the wallpaper print on these curtains. The lush green colour is a great way to freshen up a room. I also find the tiny bird prints to be a tasteful addition to the overall pattern. These are definitely excellent window dressers!

6 Garden Paisley Curtain

Garden Paisley CurtainPrice: $38.00 at
The print may be a bit busy, but it works. The floral design is interesting and unique. I can just imagine waking up, opening these curtains, and watching the sun shine in. Absolute bliss!

7 Breezy Branch Curtain

Breezy Branch CurtainPrice: $38.00 at
This cotton panel curtain is soft and romantic. The branch pattern is subtle and delicate. It comes complete with a sash tie and features a tunnel-loop top. These curtains would look great in a shabby-chic environment.

What do you decorate your windows with? Are you a curtain or blinds person? I’d love to hear which of these curtains you like best.

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