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7 Best IPhone Cases for a Mod Girl ...

By Jennifer

I resisted the allure of an iPhone for months, but finally my resolve broke when Verizon, my cell carrier, started offering the iPhone 4… and of course, once you have an iPhone, after you download the apps, you have to outfit it with a case that protects the phone, and of course gives it a style all your own. I found the exact right one for me at ModCloth, where, it turns out, there’s an iPhone case for every mod girl… and here, my dear, are 7 of the best ones!

Table of contents:

  1. hello, iphone case
  2. bright future iphone case in pink
  3. standing ovation iphone 3g/3gs case
  4. have eyes for my iphone case in pay phone
  5. vespa in case iphone cover
  6. tweeting toadstools iphone 4 case
  7. synth you've been gone mp3 player case

1 Hello, IPhone Case

Price: $29.99 at
This super-adorable case by Loungefly, designed for the iPhone 4, features my all-time favorite mod girl — er, kitty — herself, Hello Kitty! It’s her sweet little face, the classic, with a red bow and bright yellow nose. It’s so darling, just like little Kitty.

2 Bright Future IPhone Case in Pink

Price: $23.99 at
Also available in sky blue or clean white, this case was also made to fir the iPhone 4, protecting it from inevitable dings while making it sleek, chic, and stylish. The plastic is two-tone, with holes for the camera, plug in, and volume buttons for added convenience. Bravo, bella!

3 Standing Ovation IPhone 3G/3GS Case

Price: $24.99 at
Is that an iPhone 3G or 3GS, or a super-awesome cassette tape in your bag? It’s hard to tell, until you look closely and notice the clever cut-outs for the power cord and camera… it’s available in black with a red and white label or white with a blue label… and either way, it’s a nod to my favorite decade, the 1980s. I love it!

4 Have Eyes for My IPhone Case in Pay Phone

Price: $14.99 at
Long before there were iPhones or even cell phones, if you weren’t at home and needed to make a call, you used a *gasp* pay phone! You’d put in a quarter, dial the number, and talk for ten minutes. Celebrate that bygone era with this case, designed to fit your iPhone 3G or 3GS.

5 Vespa in Case IPhone Cover

Price: $18.99 at
This ultra-chic case, designed to fit all iPhone 3G and 3GS models, is sleek black, with a vintage-inspired Vespa scooter in either red, white, or green. Use it to protect your favorite phone as you go riding around the cobblestone streets across Europe, or just the L in Chicago.

6 Tweeting Toadstools IPhone 4 Case

Price: $29.99 at
This smooshy silicone case by Loungefly features seven terrific toadstools, all of them ready to share their everyday experiences via Twitter, where you can follow them using your iPhone 4. Oh-so-much fun! I love the bright yellow fellow, the color of sunshine… so sweet!

7 Synth You've Been Gone MP3 Player Case

Price: $26.99 at
Still pining for the iPhone but stuck with your modest iPod instead? Don’t fret! This clever zipper pouch will hold your iPod in high style while you save your pennies for the next-gen iPhone. It’s made by Thomas Paul of sturdy 100% cotton canvas with a retro-inspired synthesizer silk-screened on the front.

With so many darling and delightful cases to protect and stylize your iPhone, don’t leave it naked! I adore the one with the mushrooms, but which do you like best? Do tell!

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