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12 Beautiful Jewelry Stands ...

By Meream

I love displaying my jewelry as much as I love amassing them. I have a couple of jewelry stands that I have made myself. If you are not in a DIY mood, you can get one of the following to help organize your accessories.

Table of contents:

  1. coral reef regal
  2. a staggering development
  3. take a stand
  4. fresh as a daisy
  5. spinning ribbon
  6. ceramic elephant ring holder
  7. birch tree
  8. eiffel tower
  9. oak
  10. astrological
  11. blosssom tree
  12. folk bird

1 Coral Reef Regal

Price: $24.99 at modcloth

This is for those dreaming of summer or living by the beach all year long. If you are a beach bum, you will love this coral reef jewelry stand. With its gold details, this can make your vanity table extra beautiful.

2 A Staggering Development

**Price: **$34.99 at modcloth

This piece is just incredibly lovely! This little dude has 7-pointed antlers, making him the perfect host for your most treasured possessions. The head rests on a dish that will be great for your other jewelry, too.

3 Take a Stand

**Price: **$21.99 at modcloth

This is a delightful addition to any vanity table, whether you like modern design or a more traditional look. This is made of metal so you can decorate it with your favorite magnets.

4 Fresh as a Daisy

**Price: **$29.99 at modcloth

Simple and classy! Love this. The mesh petals of the daisies are absolutely useful for storing your hook and stud earrings. I am loving the sophisticated black base, too.

5 Spinning Ribbon

**Price: **$28 at urban outfitters

This adorable jewelry stand is fit for a princess. This comes in three colors: blue/yellow, pink, and white. This is made of iron and has that very cute ribbon on top. Any girl would love this.

6 Ceramic Elephant Ring Holder

Price: $12 at urban outfitters

How cute is this? If, like me, you can't resist baby elephants, then this is the ring holder for you. His ears are also large enough to help store some of your bracelets and bangles.

7 Birch Tree

Price: $32 at urban outfitters

This also comes in white and brass. I can't decide which of the silver and brass variety I like more. I guess it doesn't matter because with its sleek design, this lovely tree can fit in any type of interior.

8 Eiffel Tower

Price: $28 at urban outfitters

I have seen a few of these on eBay and have been tempted many times to buy one. This is the perfect stand for the lady who loves dangling earrings. And Paris, of course.

9 Oak

**Price: **$20 at urban outfitters

Gorgeous! You can use this to display your jewelry or display it by itself. That is how beautiful this piece is. This is a bit small (height: 6.5") but you can always buy two if you have far too many earrings.

10 Astrological

Price: $18 at urban outfitters

This jewelry stand has received wonderful reviews. I think getting this will be a great decision on your part. It's a bit small than you'd expect but it will fit on your vanity beautifully.

11 Blosssom Tree

Price: $78 at urban outfitters

This one is pricey but it's a piece of art. For the guys who happen to be reading this, this blossom tree is a great just-because gift for your girlfriend or wife.

12 Folk Bird

Price: $14.99 at urban outfitters

This used to be $28 but you can now get it at a discounted price. Aren't the birds darling? I love the distressed base, too.

I have a case of silly infatuation with some of these stands. Which of these do ya fancy?

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