7 Fancy Colored Diamonds to Die for from FancyDiamonds.net ...


7 Fancy Colored Diamonds to Die for from FancyDiamonds.net ...
7 Fancy Colored Diamonds to Die for from FancyDiamonds.net ...

Diamonds are certainly a girl's best friend and my newest fascinations are the close but rare cousins to regular diamonds, fancy colored diamonds! From colors like blue, red, purple, pink to even black (!), these rare gemstones are truly unmatched in their beauty. Little wonder why they're such a hit with celebrities (remember J.Lo's pink diamond ring?). Here are 7 ethereal pieces of jewelry with fancy colored diamonds from fancydiamonds.net that a girl could die for:

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Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Ring Considering my birthstone is a yellow topaz, I think it was natural for me to get attracted to this intense yellow diamond ring. The center yellow stone is surrounded by 18 brilliant cut yellow diamonds and 14 white diamonds on the shank of the ring. Simply exquisite, isn't it?!

Click here to see the agorgeous yellow diamond ring.


Natural Fancy Blue Diamond:

Natural Fancy Blue Diamond: Fancy colored diamonds in blue? I must get me one of those! This 0.12 ct. diamond is the perfect shade of sapphire blue and the SI1 clarity is hidden in the depth of the stone. Ah! The things I could do with this stone...


Pink Diamond Pendant

Pink Diamond Pendant Is there anything more adorably gorgeous than a bunny covered in pink diamonds? I think not! This pendant, celebrating the Chinese year of the rabbit has a whopping 162 fancy pink diamonds! Sparkle away bunny!


Natural Fancy Red Diamond

Natural Fancy Red Diamond The rarest among all the fancy colored diamonds, red diamonds are what you'd call the crème de la crème of the diamond industry. This 0.22 carat stone is from the Argyle mine with Argyle graving and is pure red which means it has no secondary hue. Kinda hard to compete with that, don't you think?


Yellow Diamond Earring

Yellow Diamond Earring Luminous and sure to dazzle, these yellow diamond earrings are elegance personified. The weight of this piece is 2.55 CT and it includes a total of 96 diamonds! Wear it as a stud or as hanging earrings. Either way, this pair is sure to take you ensemble to another level!


Fancy Black Diamonds

Fancy Black Diamonds I swear I didn't know black diamonds even existed till I came across fancydiamonds.net. If your lady love is untraditional and out there, she would love a pair of earrings made with these 5.70 CT heart shaped black diamonds. After all, how often do you find something that is traditional yet one of a kind!


Champagne Diamond Ring

Champagne Diamond Ring I saw. I lusted. I want (even with its exorbitant price). This resplendent champagne diamond ring has a 1.4 ct. fancy green brown stone (a rare combination of green and blue colors) set in a bed of fine Argyle diamonds. This is the kind of ring that makes you say things like "I died and went to heaven" and mean it!

Not satisfied? Well, Fancydiamonds has a HUGE collection of gorgeous fancy colored diamonds that are certified by the GIA. Coming up with a plan on how to get your sweetie to buy you one of these yet? Maybe you should try telling him what a great investment these would be. I'm serious! Go now and pick the fancy colored diamond of your dreams and desires.

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I want I want black diamond pendant! (Is there anyone listening?)

Wow! how much I would love to get my hand on one of those rings...Especially the Champagne one.. :)

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