8 New Years Bling and Sparkles


8 New Years Bling and Sparkles
8 New Years Bling and Sparkles

Make a dazzling entrance at your New Years Party with a nice selection Bling, sparkle and razzle and dazzle. Yes, you can! First, we have fabulous tips for gorgeous hair. Next, we add a few ideas for your nails and make up. Last, we have tips for simply the best way to accessorize your outfits. Follow these terrific tips for absolutely the best shine and glitter ideas out there…

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Add Sparkles

Barrettes and bobby pins with rhinestone, crystals, and other gems add the perfect touch for parties. When your hair is thin, use bobby pins. Place them at the top of your head where they will catch the most shine. If your hair is thick, you can use stone encrusted hair clips.


Diamond Headbands

Well, it doesn’t have to be real diamonds, thank goodness, but sparkly headbands are absolutely gorgeous! Tease the hair on top of your head and push the headband forward for added volume at the crown of your head. Frame the rest of your hair in curls. Use a curling iron. For ringlets, hold the iron vertically. For lustrous waves, hold the iron horizontally.


Clips and Combs

If you love wearing your hair in an up-do, emphasize the bun with rhinestone clips or pretty combs. For an ultra modern, yet feminine style, wear a low bun on the side. Clip your comb on the topside of the bun where it will sparkle and shine with every turn of your head.


Shine on Nails

Paint your nails with glitter! This is the best time of the year to wear sparkles on your nails. And you do not need a professional manicure. Simply buy your favorite color of nail polish. Paint your nail and when dry add a topcoat of silver or gold sparkle. Your nails with catch the light with every movement.


Bling French Mani

Add a twist to the French manicure! Paint your nails a pale pink color. While the polish is still wet and tacky, use your tweezers to place a row of gems across the top of your nail. Too much sparkle for you? You can also add one jewel to the corner tip of your thumbnail. You still have Bling and sparkle without going over board!


Eye Shadow Magic

Wear your eye shadow in a new way tonight! Dab a little gold shimmer across your eyebrow bone. You can also wear a smidgen of glitter in place of, or in addition to, your eyeliner. I have used gold pencil liners as well. There are many ways you can add Bling to your eye shadow.


Easy Metallic Sparkle

You might be amazed at the change in an outfit after a few beautiful accessories are incorporated! Metallic tones add instant Bling! The easiest way to throw in some metallic look is to use go with a gold clutch or shoes. Add a shiny necklace and bracelet and finish with a sparkly necklace and earrings and you are all set!


Metallic Clothes

No, not real metal clothing, just gold or silver toned jackets, sweaters, and blouses. You can wear a sequined tank under your jacket for a subdued bling-y look. You might be the talk of the party!

After reading these tips, I hope you found something you liked. Maybe you have another way you add a little Bling and sparkle to your holiday outfits. Why not leave

Top Photo Credit: Stéphane Giner

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I love almost everything that sparkles especially beaded bags and mini dresses :) There's just something sexy about it

Let this year be sparkling for us.

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