8 Hottest Pieces of Jewelry This Spring ...


8 Hottest Pieces of Jewelry This Spring ...
8 Hottest Pieces of Jewelry This Spring ...

I love updating my jewelry collection. I feel naked without a necklace on and I can’t live without a wide selection of earrings! Wearing the same ones just gets so boring! Statement jewelry was all over the catwalk this season, mixed carefully with delicate pieces that really highlighted the element of spring... I’ve been trawling the stores for some hot pieces, and here are my top 8 pieces you shouldn’t miss out on!

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Oerelia Coin and Disc

Oerelia Coin and Disc Price: $25 at asos.com
With the military trendbeing super hot, this necklace is the perfect way to combine masculine and feminine traits in your jewelry, too. It is longline, which means it’ll highlight your collarbone, and its coin detailing is right on trend for the tribal look too. It’s the tiny diamante gems that hooked me though. They look amazing glimmering against the sunlight!


French Connection Cluster Earrings

French Connection Cluster Earrings Price: $10 at asos.com
Statement cluster earrings were huge at the Oscars, and this pair is perfect for stealing the look. Team them with beach babe shiny hairand natural make up to let the gorgeous colors do the talking! I love the antique styling. So chic!


Les Nereides Heart and Cherub Earrings

Les Nereides Heart and Cherub Earrings Price: $59 at asos.com
These earrings are so cute, I couldn’t resist them! The hearts are gorgeously structured to give them a fresh and unique look and the dangling cupids are divine. I bet they'll earn you more than a few compliments! Team with casual down-do’s or put your hair in a messy bob or better stillbraid it and let your ears do the talking.


French Connection Bright Multi-Coloured Bangle

French Connection Bright Multi-Coloured Bangle Price: $8 at asos.com
Stacked bracelets were huge at the Oscars and this is a perfect addition to your collection, teaming a bold style with bright colored stripes. It's great for injecting color into a somber outfit or to distract from khaki and black when wearing the utility trend. They would even look great with a flirtysummer dress. I’ve bought a few, and I’m always being asked where I got them from. They are effortlessly stylish!


Kenneth Jay Lane Long Gold Strawberry Pendant

Kenneth Jay Lane Long Gold Strawberry Pendant Price: $42 at asos.com
It was a stylist friend who first showed me this, and I instantly fell in love. The strawberry is just amazing! Not only does it make me feel really summery, but the fact that it's white makes it extra glamorous, and the diamantes make it sparkle like a starry night! I loved it so much that a few friends bought it for me, and I'm looking forward to wearing to a friend's upcoming wedding.


French Connection Long Summer Pendant

French Connection Long Summer Pendant Price: $20 at asos.com
French Connection have made the perfect statement pendant here! It looks great teamed with a plain T shirt and khaki shorts or the never failing skinny jeans. The vibrant orange really compliments the khaki and makes it look amazing! It’s also great for wearing with abikinion the beach. It’s simple yet gorgeous and makes such a difference to an outfit!


Les Nereides Swan Necklace

Les Nereides Swan Necklace Price: $51 at asos.com
Oh my... this is definitely what I’m buying with my next paycheck! The chain and long-line detailing are divine on their own, but I am in love with the gorgeous and very detailed swan pendant! Try putting your hair in a slick bun, with lots of hair spray and gloss, and teaming this cute charm with a summer dress and pretty spring shoes. You’ll look and feel like spring!


N2 Mis Match Earrings

N2 Mis Match Earrings Price: $25 at asos.com
I didn’t think these would work when I first saw them, and suspected they would just look as if I was too lazy to find matching earrings... they really do look amazing, though! The pearls and chains compliment each other brilliantly, and the antique detailing really finishes it off. Team with a black vest and trousers or a military jacket for a glamorous and girly twist on the look. Divine! They’d make a great present for Mum on Mother's Day too...

I love the gorgeous Spring ranges, and the way that designers have taken the same influences and come up with so many different and amazing styles! From girly to cute to quirky, there really is something for everyone, and remember the right jewelery can really make an outfit! Have you found a gorgeous piece of jewelery for spring? Please share it with me!

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