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14 Tips for Shiny Hair ...

By Kati

Everybody wants shiny hair! It looks healthy, sexy and is the perfect way to finish any outfit. But what makes hair more shiny, and what just makes it sticky? I’ve been hunting down the best hair products, and here are my top tips for shiny hair!

1 Deep Condition Twice a Week

This keeps your hair follicles healthy. Hair won’t shine unless it’s in good condition!

2 Don’t Use Lots of Hair Products

Hair products can be hard to wash out, as they cling to the hair. Once hair is coated in product, it doesn’t shine at all. Only use what is necessary, and wash any out as soon as possible!

3 Use Hair Masks!

Hair masks are brilliant for making hair look gorgeous. My favourite mask involves mashing eight strawberries with a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Wash hair, then apply mask, wait five minutes, then wash out. It makes my hair so glossy!

4 Cool Blast!

When washing hair, make the final rinse cold. This seals the cuticle, and makes it much more likely to shine.

5 In a Rush?

If you haven’t got time to condition your hair, add a spoon of honey into four cups of warm water and tip over washed hair. Don’t rinse! This will leave a healthy shine.

6 Eat Iron!

Iron is good for the hair, and if your diet lacks it, you’re likely to have limp hair. Add some iron-rich foods to your diet for better skin and hair.

7 Use Hot Oil Treatments!

These are made to condition hair and add shine, and contain all the vitamins and minerals needed to nurture your hair. I love V05 hot oil shots!

8 Look for Vitamin E!

Shampoos and conditioners containing Vitamin E are very good for your hair, and will almost always enhance its shine.

9 No Conditioner?

If you’ve got nothing and desperately need shiny hair, try the classic combo of eggs and mayo. Two eggs and a spoon of mayo, applied to just-washed hair and then washed off. Hair won’t smell amazing, though, so spray with perfume!

10 Lemon Juice!

Lemon juice contains an ingredient which creates super shiny, silky hair. It’s easy to use — simply apply to hair, leave for twenty minutes and wash out. Shiny!

11 Avoid the Hair Dryer!

Don’t blow dry when you don’t have too. It dries out your hair, and makes it frizzy, which means it will look dull and lifeless. Leave it to dry naturally whenever you can.

12 Almond Oil!

Applying almond oil to the hair at night and sleeping with it in makes hair much stronger, and it appears much shinier the next day. You can also rub it into your nails!

13 Drink!

If you are dehydrated, so is your hair. Make sure you are drinking enough, and keeping your hair in good condition. Try to drink 8 glasses a day for maximum hair health!

14 Fake It!

If your hair just won’t shine, buy a shine spray. These come in lots of different forms, and are usually really easy to apply.

Shiny hair automatically makes you seem much more healthy, stylish and sexy, and is so easy to achieve! I use my strawberry mask all the time, and leave my hair to dry naturally as much as possible. Have you got a hair shine tip? Please let me know!

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