5 at-Home Waxing Tips from the Pros ...

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5 at-Home Waxing Tips from the Pros ...

No matter what age you are - unwanted body hair is a fact of life, which becomes especially annoying in the summer. Can you imagine yourself at a popular resort, as a hairy-legged gal fabulously clad in a designer bikini? If not, these at-home waxing tips could be of a great help!

Unfortunately, the tools for hair removal are not perfect:

• Shaving can lead to cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs. Another gloomy fact about razors is that they make hair thicker and can even trigger its further growth. In addition, fabulous after-shave smoothness does not last long…
• Laser removal is a costly, long, and painful process, which does not necessarily guarantee a perfect result.
• Waxing (applying hot wax to the skin and then quickly ripping it off) is not perfect either, but it is way cheaper than lasering, lasts much longer than shaving, and can easily be performed at home. A word of caution, though - unskilful waxing can result in bruising or torn skin, which would not look too appealing no matter what side of the bathing suit you are on…

In order to avoid disturbing results of clumsy waxing, and to ensure the perfect fruit of your waxing efforts - oh, that virginally smooth skin! - read and apply our 5-at-home-waxing-tips-from-the-pros:
1. Never wax just after sunbathing or a tanning salon …
Tanning always harms epidermis - the outer layer of skin. So, when you are putting hot wax on it, pulling and ripping it off can peel a few layers of your skin, and you can end up with visible bruises or even scabs.
2. After waxing, wait at least a few hours …
** **

… Before going into a hot tub, sauna, or a public swimming pool. ** **Otherwise, you might be in danger of getting unpleasant skin infections. Slight damage to the skin, caused by waxing, coupled with improperly maintained water provides a breeding ground for bacteria.
** **
3. Do not wax if you have …
• Skin allergies
• Acne
• Any other skin disorder
• Very sensitive skin

Buy a bathing suit with shorts or a cute skirt and have a nice summer, “au naturel” - your health is still more important!
4. Always read instructions for the waxing products you are using …
Otherwise you might end up with burns or clumps of wax stuck to your skin - uncomfortable and absolutely un-beach worthy…

5 I**f You Are Not Sure How to Wax - Call a Salon for Information … **

** **When it comes to at-home waxing, it’s better not to do something than to do and then regret. If you are unsure about how to use the waxing product you purchased, call the nearest beauty salon for a professional advice. Most of the professionals will gladly explain how to work your home kit and their piece of advice will guarantee you a healthy, beautiful, and hair-free summer! :)

Got some great at-home waxing tips? Please share them with all of us!

*7 Absolutely Great Shaving Tips …

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I waxed my facial hair for the first time about a month ago... and I had a full on scab-mustache, for an entire week. Not including the peeling... that took even longer. By the time my skin healed, the hair was already growing back :(

i bought once in my life a waxing kit and as i read the instructions and ask some help,i wasn't successful.im so jealous on flawless arms and legs.im not so hairy but i want hairless.my black skin hairs makes me look darker and im ashame to be beside with a girl with hairless.i want to remove it when i saw on t.v a plaster peeler is it safe too?please advice me.they said if i remove it i'll regret.thank you..

Hi girls, I'm hairy too! So I use a combination of methods to keep hair free. I get leg/bikini waxed professionally when I can afford it (save up and go at least once to learn how if you want to do it at home but follow all instructions to the letter - use smaal, thin scrapes of wax in a round shape work best). Then if the weather is warm i use an epilady (small electric hair-plucking machine with a row of tweezers also called an Emjoy Gently or epilator) on my feet and lower legs so I can show them off. I use this every weekend on my underarm hair and backs of my hands and upper arms and sometimes bikini line. I also use the machine on my upper lip and sides of face - it is perfect here because it just takes the long and dark ones, and leaves the fine hair so you look natural: it is the best! Threading would work the same as an epilady. It is important to keep the epilady machine clean, while using and inbetween areas. I use alcohol/ metholated spirits to clean it, and I ensure my skin is clean, and the best time to remove hair is when you have warm skin - after exercise or a warm shower (but you must be completely dry). It can hurt at first but stick at it and the rewards are worth it. BEST TIP: Dont remove hair around the middle of your cycle (two weeks before (or after) your period) - you ovulate at this time and you feel pain much much more!! Special occasions I also use a GENTLE cream bleach specially designed for face hair, (Marzina brand is best one) on my stomach and forearm hair - this is also a very natural look (patch test and follow time limits and other instructions espeically if you have dark hair). Good luck girls :)

I am on acne treatment. i have lots of hair on my hands and legs. doctor told me not to wax during the treatment and i dont want to use rasor or hair removal cream any idea how to remove the hair????

Hi Amanda, I wax my legs regularly but still the hair that grows back is quite coarse and hair grows back very soon. I can desire to wear a short dress or skirt only for a week and a half and soon you can see short hair growing back and I will have to wait till it grows longer so that I can wax it again! :(

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