5 at-Home Waxing Tips from the Pros ...


5 at-Home Waxing Tips from the Pros ...
5 at-Home Waxing Tips from the Pros ...

No matter what age you are - unwanted body hair is a fact of life, which becomes especially annoying in the summer. Can you imagine yourself at a popular resort, as a hairy-legged gal fabulously clad in a designer bikini? If not, these at-home waxing tips could be of a great help!

Unfortunately, the tools for hair removal are not perfect:

• Shaving can lead to cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs. Another gloomy fact about razors is that they make hair thicker and can even trigger its further growth. In addition, fabulous after-shave smoothness does not last long…
• Laser removal is a costly, long, and painful process, which does not necessarily guarantee a perfect result.
• Waxing (applying hot wax to the skin and then quickly ripping it off) is not perfect either, but it is way cheaper than lasering, lasts much longer than shaving, and can easily be performed at home. A word of caution, though - unskilful waxing can result in bruising or torn skin, which would not look too appealing no matter what side of the bathing suit you are on…

In order to avoid disturbing results of clumsy waxing, and to ensure the perfect fruit of your waxing efforts - oh, that virginally smooth skin! - read and apply our 5-at-home-waxing-tips-from-the-pros:
1. Never wax just after sunbathing or a tanning salon …
Tanning always harms epidermis - the outer layer of skin. So, when you are putting hot wax on it, pulling and ripping it off can peel a few layers of your skin, and you can end up with visible bruises or even scabs.
2. After waxing, wait at least a few hours …
** **

… Before going into a hot tub, sauna, or a public swimming pool. ** **Otherwise, you might be in danger of getting unpleasant skin infections. Slight damage to the skin, caused by waxing, coupled with improperly maintained water provides a breeding ground for bacteria.
** **
3. Do not wax if you have …
• Skin allergies
• Acne
• Any other skin disorder
• Very sensitive skin

Buy a bathing suit with shorts or a cute skirt and have a nice summer, “au naturel” - your health is still more important!
4. Always read instructions for the waxing products you are using …
Otherwise you might end up with burns or clumps of wax stuck to your skin - uncomfortable and absolutely un-beach worthy…

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I**f You Are Not Sure How to Wax - Call a Salon for Information … **

** **When it comes to at-home waxing, it’s better not to do something than to do and then regret. If you are unsure about how to use the waxing product you purchased, call the nearest beauty salon for a professional advice. Most of the professionals will gladly explain how to work your home kit and their piece of advice will guarantee you a healthy, beautiful, and hair-free summer! :)

Got some great at-home waxing tips? Please share them with all of us!

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I waxed for the first time yesterday, before i had shaved, but i think i left the wax strips on for too long because when i pulled it off some skin came off too. now i have big red patches and i go on holiday tomorrow. how long will it take to heal and is there anything i can do speed it up?

Hello, I need some help, I have slight acne on both of my cheeks but I want to only take the hair from my sideburns and jawline. Here I have no acne, is this ok? Much thanks!

hi there , u see im half arabic girl, so i got the "hairy" genes from dad :( im not full of hair, don't get the picture wrong hehe but i do have this belly hair line which im dying to remove, but when i do that then i end up with the color difference on my skin(since hair makes the skin look darker)so i get a white midline on my belly lol which is not cool, so i just want to ask should i remove the hair of my whole abdomin? like the whole thing?and is it better if i wax it rather than using the removal cream? thank you so much :)

i tried waxing for the first time, and it did not go so well. i do not have a microwave so i just heated it in boiling water until it was smooth. (I'm thinking that might be the problem). anywho it was very messy and sticky. it kinda got every where while I tried to ably it to my bikini area. any tips to easy removal??? also it only worked half the time, sometimes it wouldn't pull up the hair. which just left me with a bit of a mess. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong tho. :(

Great post! For all the ladies who've had problems, make sure the hair isn't too long or too short for waxing. I'm a quarter French (hello dark hair!) and have been waxing for almost 10 years. Waiting a week or two for the grow out sucks, but it's definitely worth it to not have to shave. Make sure the hair is about a 1/4 to 1/2 inches long. Too long = clumpy wax and pain! I know from experience. Happy waxing!

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