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5 Hairy News and Tips ...

By Meream

1 Dash of Inspiration

Feeling like a hippie today? Why don't you make daisy chains and wear them as crowns? Take photos and give in to whimsy!

2 a Braidy Affair

I have a confession: I can't do French braids. Sad, no? If you can relate, College Candy posted this video tutorial for us. I shall have to wait until my hair grows, though, before I try this.

3 Scene of the Crime

Here's an interesting bit of hair-related news. It looks like hair salons and beauty supply stores are currently suffering from human hair extension thefts. Before you buy a pack from a random seller, you might want to ask where he or she got the extensions first.

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4 Stylish Sixties

If you love all things vintage, you probably like 60s inspired hairdos. Here is Casey showing us how to create a casual ponytail straight out of the stylish sixties.

5 Duchess 'do Double

Did you know that Kate Middleton used a "head double" before her big day? To make sure that she looked stunning on her wedding day, a 10-dollar tiara was purchased and styled using an assistant first.

Have you got fun hair-related posts to show off? Tell us and we'll link to you!

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