5 Hairy News and Tips ...

1. Dash of Inspiration

Feeling like a hippie today? Why don't you make daisy chains and wear them as crowns? Take photos and give in to whimsy!

2. a Braidy Affair

I have a confession: I can't do French braids. Sad, no? If you can relate, College Candy posted this video tutorial for us. I shall have to wait until my hair grows, though, before I try this.

3. Scene of the Crime

Here's an interesting bit of hair-related news. It looks like hair salons and beauty supply stores are currently suffering from human hair extension thefts. Before you buy a pack from a random seller, you might want to ask where he or she got the extensions first.

4. Stylish Sixties

If you love all things vintage, you probably like 60s inspired hairdos. Here is Casey showing us how to create a casual ponytail straight out of the stylish sixties.

5. Duchess 'do Double

Did you know that Kate Middleton used a "head double" before her big day? To make sure that she looked stunning on her wedding day, a 10-dollar tiara was purchased and styled using an assistant first.

Have you got fun hair-related posts to show off? Tell us and we'll link to you!