7 Pros and Cons of Long Hair ...


7 Pros and Cons of Long Hair ...
7 Pros and Cons of Long Hair ...

I cut my waist-length hair off a few years ago, and sometimes, I really regret it. Don’t get me wrong. I love m short, chic style. But there are a few things I miss about having long hair, so if you’re considering growing your hair out, or cutting it off, here’s a list of 7 pros and cons of long hair.

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Pro: You’ll Be Warmer in Winter

Pro: You’ll Be Warmer in Winter Photo Credit: PatMatte

Winters here in Michigan are dreadful, with sub-zero temperatures and icy cold winds. When I had long hair, my neck stayed warm… even warmer than I feel now, with a scarf…


Having long locks is like wearing an extra layer during those frosty months. It shields your ears and back of your neck from the harsh wintry blasts and adds insulating warmth without the bulk. Plus, there's a certain charm to having your hair cascade down your coat, lending an air of whimsical elegance to your winter look – almost like a natural accessory that's both stylish and functional. And hair is much less scratchy than wool!


Con: You’ll Get Wicked Static

Con: You’ll Get Wicked Static Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Sadly, though, dry, cold winter air also means static electricity in your long, gorgeous locks! Don’t even try to wear a hat, unless you brought a box of dryer sheets you can use to pat it down and get rid of the static…


Pro: You Don’t Have to Wash It Every Day

Pro: You Don’t Have to Wash It Every Day Photo Credit: Simontacchi

Women with long hair don’t tend to use a lot of styling products, and the natural oils from their hair don’t build up as much, so they don’t have to wash their hair every day. When my hair was long, I only washed it every third day… and my stylist forbade me to wash it more often!


Con: It Can Make You Look like a Child

Con: It Can Make You Look like a Child Photo Credit: spinalmesh

Long hair with bangs across your forehead can look super-chic on some women, but on others, it can make them look childish. Even 12-year-old girls don’t want to LOOK 12!


Pro: You Can Always Put It up

Pro: You Can Always Put It up Photo Credit: Dalmatica

One of the things I miss most about my long hair is that I can’t put it in a quick ponytail for the gym anymore. Also, it takes me a lot longer to deal with bad hair days now that I can’t just pull my hair into a messy bun — I have to wash it and start all over again.


Con: Haircuts and Color Are Pricey

Con: Haircuts and Color Are Pricey Photo Credit: SerrNovik

If you have long hair, and you want to color or highlight it, expect to pay two or three times as much as someone with short hair… in fact, expect to pay more for haircuts, too. The cost is more because a stylist will have to spend a lot more time, and a lot more dye.


Pro: You Don’t Have to Cut It as Often

Pro: You Don’t Have to Cut It as Often Photo Credit: kylaroma

With short hair, you’ll need a trim at least every six weeks, maybe sooner, or you’ll hate it. With long hair, though, you can go for up to three months before you have to get a haircut. Cool!

Now that it’s been a few years since I’ve had long hair, I have to admit, I’m growing it out again. Do you have long hair? What do you think are the best reason to keep it long? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Toni Blay

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I have long, curly-wavy hair. My mom always kept it cut short throughout my school days. It was uncontrollable for me and never did anything I wanted it to do. The more I played with my hair, the more it misbehaved. Once I moved out and joined the Air Force, I began growing my hair out. I've donated my hair to Locks of Love once already with plans to do it again in the future. My hair is easier for me to "control" when I wash it no more than every other day, put conditioner on it in the shower & use a pick to comb through it (or else it could take 45 minutes or more to pick through it afterwards). I use unscented products & usually a curl cream while my hair is still damp. Letting my hair be in charge helps us to get along much better.

my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulder and i want it to grow to about my waist but its very thick and it doesn't really grow fast i don't know what to do i don't really style it all that much so its not damaged i've tried a lot of things but my hair just wont grow got any tips??please help!!!

I'm trying to grow my hair out super long, it's around the middle of my chest now. But i live in Alberta, Canada, so it is very dry and cold here in the winter which is not very heplful when you're trying to grow your hair out cuz it dries up the ends. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

i grew up with a horrible shoulder length bob. after 14 years i don't think i'll ever go back to short hair again.. well at least until i'm 40 or something!

keep it long

Ok long hair doesn't make anyone look like a child. I mean, do you want to look "older" than you are? Long hairstyles are lovely. Kate Middleton doesn't look like a child.

I have very long, straight hair that reaches past my hips. I honestly cannot think of anything bad about having long hair, but I can list all the benefits. Long hair is more attractive, it just looks better and makes you feel better. Long hair does keep you warmer, its a great way to start a conversation. Wherever I go, I usually have the longest hair, and people always compliment me on my hair and ask how I grow it so long. That feels wonderful. My hair is part of my identity. If I didn't have long hair, I would feel insecure. My hair is like a security blanket. It's also fun to style. When you have nothing to do, styling long hair is a great way to spend some time. People always tell me "i love your hair, don't ever cut it." But its not always positive reactions I get. Some people tell me that my hair is too long and tell me to cut it....That is actually annoying. A person's hair is not just for looks, it is part of their identity and how they express themselves. I will never cut my hair, for anyone.....Your hair should make you feel good. If you want short hair, go for it. If you like keeping your hair long, that's great. Its all a matter of preference. There are so many benefits to having long hair......if you can grow it, you should flaunt it.......

Long hair look beautiful. Don't get me wrong, short styles look modern and cute as well, but having long hair as various benefits and advantages. You can style you hair however you want to, and make various hairstyles like braids or pony tails etc. Long hair doesn't make anyone look like a child. Maybe it does but not always. The duchess if Cambridge has amazing hair and she seems to look stunning with them. If you're the kind of person who still prefer a shorter do, thats perfectly alright. However short hair doesn't suit everyone and you should consider all these things before you try to change your hair drastically.

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