7 Pros and Cons of Long Hair ...

I cut my waist-length hair off a few years ago, and sometimes, I really regret it. Don’t get me wrong. I love m short, chic style. But there are a few things I miss about having long hair, so if you’re considering growing your hair out, or cutting it off, here’s a list of 7 pros and cons of long hair.

1. Pro: You’ll Be Warmer in Winter

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Winters here in Michigan are dreadful, with sub-zero temperatures and icy cold winds. When I had long hair, my neck stayed warm… even warmer than I feel now, with a scarf…

2. Con: You’ll Get Wicked Static

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Sadly, though, dry, cold winter air also means static electricity in your long, gorgeous locks! Don’t even try to wear a hat, unless you brought a box of dryer sheets you can use to pat it down and get rid of the static…

3. Pro: You Don’t Have to Wash It Every Day

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Women with long hair don’t tend to use a lot of styling products, and the natural oils from their hair don’t build up as much, so they don’t have to wash their hair every day. When my hair was long, I only washed it every third day… and my stylist forbade me to wash it more often!

4. Con: It Can Make You Look like a Child

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Long hair with bangs across your forehead can look super-chic on some women, but on others, it can make them look childish. Even 12-year-old girls don’t want to LOOK 12!

5. Pro: You Can Always Put It up

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Photo Credit: Dalmatica

One of the things I miss most about my long hair is that I can’t put it in a quick ponytail for the gym anymore. Also, it takes me a lot longer to deal with bad hair days now that I can’t just pull my hair into a messy bun — I have to wash it and start all over again.

6. Con: Haircuts and Color Are Pricey

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Photo Credit: SerrNovik

If you have long hair, and you want to color or highlight it, expect to pay two or three times as much as someone with short hair… in fact, expect to pay more for haircuts, too. The cost is more because a stylist will have to spend a lot more time, and a lot more dye.

7. Pro: You Don’t Have to Cut It as Often

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With short hair, you’ll need a trim at least every six weeks, maybe sooner, or you’ll hate it. With long hair, though, you can go for up to three months before you have to get a haircut. Cool!

Now that it’s been a few years since I’ve had long hair, I have to admit, I’m growing it out again. Do you have long hair? What do you think are the best reason to keep it long? Please let me know!

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