7 Chemical-Free Ways to Dye Your Hair ...


7 Chemical-Free Ways to Dye Your Hair ...
7 Chemical-Free Ways to Dye Your Hair ...

Regular hair dyes are a cheap and quick way to change your looks dramatically… Until you read the ingredients and realize that the price your hair has to pay is not so small and the only quick thing about it is the speed in which your body absorbs all those harmful and toxic matters. Luckily, women had found ways to dye hair even before the first commercial hair dye was invented – natural colors and herbs! And the list of risk free ways to have gorgeous-looking hair runs even longer today so here they are – old fashioned and modern methods that actually work.

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Henna Photo Credit: YimHafiz

Henna is definitely the best, natural way to change your hair color dramatically. I’ve used black henna and I have to say that the result was waaay better than the one I usually get with regular dyes. Plus my hair looked and felt incredibly soft, shiny and healthy. I’d have to say that, when it comes to natural ways to dye hair, henna definitely takes the first place because it has no damaging effect and it’s available in a lot of different shades and colors.


Lemon and Chamomile Tea

Lemon and Chamomile Tea Photo Credit: CoCreatr

This bleaching technique never worked for my dark hair but it helped my sister drop an entire shade. You are supposed to rinse your hair with chamomile tea, soak it with freshly squeezed lemon juice and spend as much time as you can in the sun. The chamomile and lemon are supposed to nurture the hair and enhance sun’s bleaching effect so, if you are a natural blonde, you can definitely try this on your holiday.


Color Enhancing Shampoos

Color Enhancing Shampoos Photo Credit: Yenzah

These shampoos can be labeled as semi-chemical way to change or improve hair color because, although a shampoo is basically a chemical product, it doesn’t contain peroxide or any of the harsh, damaging chemicals that can be found in regular dyes. It rinses off pretty fast too but, hey, it doesn’t do anything bad to the hair so you can use it more frequently.


Black Coffee and Black Tea

Black Coffee and Black Tea Photo Credit: visualpanic

Dark liquids like teas and coffee do stain your teeth and clothes but they can stain your hair too! I’m not very open to this idea to rinse my hair with coffee but tea can’t hurt, especially if it’s going to get me a nicer shade of brown. I’ll definitely give it a go and see how it turns out.


Red Hibiscus Tea

Red Hibiscus Tea Photo Credit: paperfacets

Rinsing you hair with cold, red Hibiscus tea should enhance that red hair tone. It won’t turn you into a ravishing red-head overnight, that’s for sure, but it’s worth a shot. Some ladies have that dull, grayish shine and are dying for just a hint of red pigment so if you are one of them definitely use this rinse. It takes some time and you have to be persistent but that’s just a price of beauty.


Non-chemical Dyes

Non-chemical Dyes Photo Credit: eleanor.black

I can’t confirm these dyes are 100% chemical-free but, if the commercial is true, they are supposed to be peroxide and ammonium-free. That’s definitely something because these two chemicals are responsible for all major hair damages caused by dyeing


Rosemary and Sage Mixture

Here is one very simple recipe for all the ladies having problems with those stubborn grays: Mix even amounts of sage and rosemary tea, add one cup of water and steep for a couple of hours. Strain the mixture and apply it before you wash your hair. Now, some women leave this in only for a few minutes and then wash it off but, if you want better results, do soak your hair completely and keep this mixture in until your hair gets completely dry. You will need to repeat this before every wash but “repetition is the mother of learning” and it could be the mother of good looks, too.

Natural and subtle dyes or toxic but extreme ones- what do you vote for? Have you ever tried some of these methods or you maybe have your own one? Do share, please!

Top Photo Credit: *Saffy*

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I've used lemon juice since I was a teenager and it takes a LOT of applications and sun-drying sessions before there is even a noticable different to the colour.

excuse me for this question but..my hair is soooooo black and even tho i used L'oreal's light yellow brown, it juz seemed work a little bit. i really want my hair to be light brown. what am i supposed to do now?

I Loved How You Used Bratz Dolls For The Picture. =)

Actually, real henna gives you only red color, but if you want black or some darker color, use indigo plant. Every henna that gives you other color than red contains some chemical

I'm a hairdresser and would hope no one would use some of these. Lemon juice & sun is actually worse for your hair than getting it chemically dyed. Also Henna makes you up to 70% more likely to react to hair dye after you have used it just once. Non-chemical dyes are probably the best way to go if you don't want to dye your hair chemically.

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