7 Chemical-Free Ways to Dye Your Hair ...

Regular hair dyes are a cheap and quick way to change your looks dramatically… Until you read the ingredients and realize that the price your hair has to pay is not so small and the only quick thing about it is the speed in which your body absorbs all those harmful and toxic matters. Luckily, women had found ways to dye hair even before the first commercial hair dye was invented – natural colors and herbs! And the list of risk free ways to have gorgeous-looking hair runs even longer today so here they are – old fashioned and modern methods that actually work.

1. Henna

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Photo Credit: YimHafiz

Henna is definitely the best, natural way to change your hair color dramatically. I’ve used black henna and I have to say that the result was waaay better than the one I usually get with regular dyes. Plus my hair looked and felt incredibly soft, shiny and healthy. I’d have to say that, when it comes to natural ways to dye hair, henna definitely takes the first place because it has no damaging effect and it’s available in a lot of different shades and colors.

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