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8 Hair Removal Methods ...

By Alison

If there’s one good thing about winter, it’s that we can let ourselves relax and stop worrying about hairy legs. After all, who’s going to see them? But then comes summer, with shorts, bikinis, sleeveless tops, and those hairy areas just have to be dealt with. So what method to use? Here are 8 hair removal methods to choose from...

1 Shaving

Certainly the easiest, quickest and cheapest method. Obviously it doesn’t last long, but razors are cheap enough (just don’t buy really cheap ones, and it’s best to shave in the shower). Or get yourself an electric shaver.

2 Waxing

Now, I must admit that having my legs waxed by someone else is torture for me. It’s much less painful if I do it myself. Are beauty therapists sadists? It’s a good method though for summer and holidays – just make sure that you allow enough time for any redness to settle down. Don’t have your legs waxed the day before a big event!


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3 Sugaring

This is a very old technique similar to waxing. As the name suggests, sugaring is done with a paste made of sugar and lemon juice. You can buy commercial products or make your own (pretty cheap). I found the technique easy to master – you can use cotton strips or just pull the paste off.

4 Plucking (or Tweezing)

Unless you’re very patient, this is only good for very small areas. If you’re worried about getting a good shape for your eyebrows, use a stencil or draw the shape you want with an eyebrow pencil and work around it. Contrary to popular belief, you can pluck hairs from moles and it will not cause them to turn cancerous.

5 Laser

The most permanent option of all, and therefore the most expensive. It works best on people with lighter skins and darker hair. Each area will need a number of sessions. It is important to note that, contrary to what many believe, laser removal is not permanent, although it will reduce the amount and thickness of hair by a very high percentage. Also, avoid home lasers.

6. Creams

I was never very fond of creams, owing to the smell and mess. Maybe they’ve improved since I’ve last tried them? If you want to try one, do remember to buy a product intended for the area you want to defuzz, and to do a patch test beforehand.

7 Threading

This ancient Indian technique uses a simple length of cotton thread to remove facial hair and tidy up eyebrows. I tried it once, and would recommend it depending on your pain threshold. It made my eyes water so much that I could not stop sneezing …

8 Epilation

I’ve not tried this method, so I can’t speak from experience. Epilators pull out the hair, rather than cut them, as in shaving. It’s recommended that the first time you use it is after waxing, as it will be less painful. After that you will be dealing with regrowth, which is finer.

So which method of hair removal do you prefer? Are you brave enough to cope with pain, or do you refuse to suffer for beauty? Do you even sport the natural look? Let me know!

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