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7 Tips on Shaving ...

By Aprille

Both men and women shave on a regular and it is important to do so without causing any irritation or as little as possible. Here are 7 tips on shaving.

7 Use a Moisturiser Afterwards

Use a Moisturiser AfterwardsPhoto Credit: CaliBeijaFlor

At the end of every shave you should always use some form of moisturiser. This helps to soothe the skin after shaving and helps to reduce any irritation. There are various kinds of moisturisers, some for sensitive skin, other for dry skin, oily skin and the list continues.

6 Shave in the Direction That the Hairs Grow

Shave in the Direction That the Hairs GrowPhoto Credit: wu.peng

Never try to shave away from the grain; you could end up causing more damage than good. When shaving you want to do so in the direction that the hairs grow, this will prevent you from cutting yourself and will create a smoother shave.


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5 Try Different Razors

Try Different RazorsPhoto Credit: 3rd foundation

The chances are that you will not find the perfect razor straight away. Some people get on with disposable razors others do not, there is a wide range on the market so you may need to try several before finding the best one for you. All razors vary slightly; the size of the handle may change or the size of the blade or the number of blades therefore it is a matter of trial and error.

4 Shower Gel Can Work Just as Well as Shaving Cream

Shower Gel Can Work Just as Well as Shaving CreamPhoto Credit: Lady Wulfrun

Now in some cases you do not need to waste extra money on buying special shaving cream because shower gel works just as well. However, for facial hair it is recommended that you do use shaving cream. For other hair you should be able to use shower gel, unless of course you have any allergies or sensitive skin.

3 Stretch the Skin out Flat

Stretch the Skin out FlatPhoto Credit: Peeling grapes

This only applies to areas that are not flat, such as underarms or between your chin and neck. In order to shave these areas stretch out the skin so that it is flat, or as flat as possible. By doing this you should notice a big difference when shaving.

2 Make Sure That the Razor is Not Blunt

It is important to use a razor that is not blunt. A blunt razor could end up not removing the hairs or worse still it could end up cutting you several times. Also test the razor on a small section of your body to make sure that it is sharp before using it properly.

1 If Shaving Legs Lie in the Bath

In my opinion the easiest way to shave your legs is in the bath, you can stretch your legs out in front of you and shave with ease. Also by soaking your legs in water for a while you will be able to shave without cutting yourself like you might do on dry skin.

There you have 7 tips on shaving. The majority, if not all, of the tips can be applied to both men and women when they are shaving. These tips should help to make shaving a lot easier for you and create softer skin after you have shaved.

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