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11 Best Home-Made Hair Masks ...

By Fawn

Have you ever opened your refrigerator and thought hey, that would make my hair look great? No? Maybe you should! Sometimes a few ingredients from your fridge and cupboard can make your hair look amazing in as little as 20 minutes. Can’t think of what you should mix? This is where I come in. Here are the 11 best homemade hair masks!

1 Milk and Honey Mask

Milk and Honey MaskPhoto Credit: sevenworlds16

This is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is mix up a single teaspoon of honey into one glass of whole milk then massage it into your hair from root to tip. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water and shampoo. Then, avoid bees, and you’ll see some amazing results in your hair.

2 Coconut Cream Mask

Coconut Cream MaskPhoto Credit: cedar_9

This mask is kind of… sticky, sweet and time consuming to say the least. It’s also worth every minute. Take a chunk of coconut cream and warm it up in your hands. When it’s soft and pliable massage it into your hair. Slowly and carefully wrap your hair up into a warm towel and let the mask sit on your hair for one hour. Wash out with a mild shampoo and let your hair dry normally.

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3 Banana and Almond Mask

Banana and Almond MaskPhoto Credit: @mands

That’s right, bananas and almonds are good for your hair. Here’s what you do. Mash up one banana and add about 3 drops of almond oil to your gooey concoction. Mix well and massage into your hair. Let it sit for about 25 minutes, rinse and wash your hair and you’re all done, it’s as easy as that!

4 Strawberry Mask

Strawberry MaskPhoto Credit: Ann&Ming

Strawberries, they’re not just for eating anymore! Take a cup of strawberries (the ones that are just a little too mushy to eat work best), one egg yolk, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all of these up until the strawberries look more like juice than chunks. Work into your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse and wash with a mild shampoo!

5 Rum and Black Tea Mask

Rum and Black Tea MaskPhoto Credit: ionut mocan

Alright, this sounds like a weird combination but Baileys and coffee doesn’t really do very much for your hair. So, take that last bit of rum from the bottle in the back of your liquor cabinet (one teaspoon) and the little bit of tea left in your morning cup (one teaspoon). Apply this mix directly to your roots and then work outwards. Leave this on for a grand total of 50 minutes before rinsing and washing!

6 Cognac and Egg Mask

Cognac and Egg MaskPhoto Credit: Pictr 30D

I know this one sounds incredibly weird, but trust me once you see what it does to your hair, you’ll never question me again! Mix one egg yolk with 3-5 teaspoons (depending on the length of your hair) of cognac and apply to your hair liberally. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse in lukewarm water. Once it’s out, shampoo and style as you normally would!

7 Avocado and Mayo Mask

Avocado and Mayo MaskPhoto Credit: Shutterbug Gal

That’s right ladies, it’s not a myth. Mayo and Avocado really are good for your hair. Here’s what you do: take a full jar of full fat mayonnaise and one half of one very mashed up avocado. Mix well and apply to your hair. Pay very special attention to those roots and then after 20 minutes rinse your hair in COLD water. You’ll see the difference!

8 Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

If you have a dry and flaky scalp, this is the mask for you! All you have to do is mix 2 tbsp fresh of lemon juice with 2 tbsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp water. Once this is done massage the mask into your scalp with damp hair. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes and then wash your hair regularly. This treatment can be applied to your hair every other week.

9 Honey and Olive Oil

Not only is honey delicious, but it can help your dry or sun damaged hair too! All you have to do is massage about a 1/2 cup honey into clean, damp hair and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. To make this easier to apply you can also add 1 to 2 Tbsp olive oil to loosen the honey. If you feel like your hair is an extreme case trying mixing honey with 1 to 2 tbsp of a protein-rich ingredient, like avocado or egg yolk. This will help replenish the protein bonds that UV rays attack. This treatment can be applied once a month.

10 Beer

You heard me, I said beer! Sounds weird, but it works if you feel your hair is limp or too fine. Just mix 1/2 a cup of flat beer with 1 tsp light oil, either sunflower or canola, and a raw egg. Apply this to clean, damp hair, and let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes rinse the mixture out with cool water. This can be done every other week.

11 Egg and Milk

hair,color,face,clothing,red,Depending on the length and volume of your hair decide whether you'll need one or two eggs. Then separate the yolk and the whites. Beat the yolks with a cup of milk and two tbsp of olive oil. After this, add a squeeze of lemon and massage into your scalp working from the roots to the ends. Cover your hair with a shower cap to alleviate any dripping and leave it there for at least 15 minutes. When rinsing it out make sure to use cold or lukewarm water to get the best results.

Well ladies, I’ve shown you just about all I can show you. So, next time you stick that head of yours into your refrigerator think about all the things inside that will make your hair look fabulous! Any ideas for hair masks that I haven’t thought of? Any other delicious foods that can go on my head? Tell me all about it!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

Top Photo Credit: lesretrouvailles

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